This site legit?

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19-08-2007 14:14:09

I'm looking to get a laptop, was going to do an iDeal site, but I waited too long and they added a ref evil . So I went googling and found some of the below, anybody seen or know anything about these sites. I'm horrible at being able to tell if there YF Direct or whatever.





19-08-2007 14:17:20

These are all YF Direct sites. Yes, they are legit -- decent requirements, no time limit, good customer support, but takes about 3 months to receive.


19-08-2007 14:26:40

One more question, if I do a $500 gift card do I need to do a W-9? If not, do have do do a W-9 if I do two of them?


19-08-2007 14:35:56

No and no I believe.


19-08-2007 15:11:54

how many offers for the macbook or the hp laptop? o yea, and the wii D


19-08-2007 22:27:52

Id like to know too as Ive never done a YF direct site, but more so what kind of offers are there?? Any big doom ones?


20-08-2007 07:43:27

YOur OODs will consist of web hosting/ satelites and diet offers.
Eveyrthin gelse is standard offers stuff that you see everywhere like video pro and great fun and such.

As it stands now YFD doesnt have any gifts over 16 offers.

I think the hp is 11 or 12.
the macbook might be 14 or 15

they tend to stick to a rough 100 an offer trend. if you sign up the offers willpop up after you answer the first survey so you can see for your self


20-08-2007 11:26:46



20-08-2007 15:29:13

Tose hosting offers are never that bad... I think the requirements are a little high, you can get a 1k gc for the same offers as the ps3