Claim sheet question. please help.

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16-08-2007 18:57:04

I'm working w/ a brandarama site and I've qualified for a giftcard. I would like to send this giftcard to my parents. Can I change the name and address in the confirmation part of the claimsheet? If you're experienced w/ brandarama, you know that they ask you to confirm the name and address and gives you boxes that you can edit that information. are we allowed to do this?


16-08-2007 19:53:57

I wouldn't do it, it's not worth the risk. Just get it sent to you and then send it to your parents from yourself instead of directly from brandarama. It would probably be fine, but for an extra 40 cents you can be 100% sure.


16-08-2007 21:26:48

just send it after you get it, they mail it certified mail anyway


16-08-2007 23:35:58

ok..i'm just afraid i wo'nt be in the country at the time. =/


17-08-2007 06:13:09

well then call them with your concerns, if you dont pick it up in like a week the post office will send it back


17-08-2007 09:06:54

Leave a note for the PO with your signature and tell them to leave it somewhere or with your neighbors.