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13-08-2007 11:09:31

[b21d816a6fd]This is the official payment proof thread for[][/b21d816a6fd][/size21d816a6fd]

[b21d816a6fd]FREE $5 via Paypal if you post a screenshot of your payment![/b21d816a6fd][/color21d816a6fd]

[u21d816a6fd]How to get your FREE $5 via Paypal[/u21d816a6fd]
li Post a screenshot of your Paypal payment in this thread.
li Include your User ID number in your post (the number at the end of your referral link - EX[/color21d816a6fd]) <-- That number!
li I will review your post and send the $5 via Paypal A.S.A.P. (Users may only receive one FREE $5 payment for posting a screenshot)

liMust be a picture(screenshot) from your computer. You can get it by pressing the Prt Scr button on your keyboard and then pasting it into paint.

How to post a screenshot
1. Press the Prt Scr button on your keyboard (top right of keyboard)
2. Open Microsoft Paint and paste the picture in there (then edit picture)
3. Use a host like or (upload photo)
4. Go back to forums and post the IMG file

[u21d816a6fd]Most recent payout (Monday, August 13th = $75!)[/u21d816a6fd][/color21d816a6fd]

Next payout is August 20th![/color21d816a6fd]

Total paid to date $17,000+[/color21d816a6fd]

http//[" alt=""/img21d816a6fd]


14-08-2007 20:34:38