Found a new Yourtopbrands site...$600 Amex card for 7 offers

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03-08-2007 14:22:38

It was in my junk mail...

Heres the link



03-08-2007 14:35:29

Meh. Thanks but no thanks. There are a lot better ratios out there.


03-08-2007 17:00:03

well your math is a bit off because its 6 offers but there are better deals from bradarama


03-08-2007 17:25:03

Guys, chill out. He/She was just letting us know.

Thanks for the info!


03-08-2007 17:26:00

Chill out...?

I said thanks but no thanks. How rude of me!


04-08-2007 01:39:06

so its 600 amex card and a iphone ?


04-08-2007 09:03:25

[quote624c6818ef="Zags1199"]Chill out...?

I said thanks but no thanks. How rude of me![/quote624c6818ef]

It was the way you said it. 8)

--- And you only get $600, not a $600 + iphone.

This isn't much of a deal since it's at that $600 level. Hope this isn't a hint of brandarama sites to come.


04-08-2007 09:39:10

Yeah, tone and intent can totally be detected on the Internet.

I'm pretty sure that "Thanks but no thanks" means thanks for posting it, but I'm not going to do it. But since you know what I meant, I guess it means something else.


04-08-2007 09:48:05

Zags..I can soo hear it on my pc speakers!! Your being a jerk! LOL JK! You know I loves ya zig!


04-08-2007 10:02:13

[quotea2d4254881]Official Gift Offer Rules for redemption of the $600 Amex Gift Card good towards an Apple iPhone[/quotea2d4254881]