w-9 / shipping address different - plasmatv4free.com issue?

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25-07-2007 09:56:48

So, I just finished plasmatv4free.com and the address on my w9 needs to be sent to wisconsin, however, i'm having the tv shipped to Oregon. It's a gift. I've already printed out the cert so there's not much i can do about it now... Just curious if this is going to be an issue for them or if anyone has done this in the past?


25-07-2007 10:17:18

i had trouble for some of the other networks with this situation, and what they had me do is send them a signed letter confirming that the 2 addresses are different and explain why, and even throw in a copy of your DL just in case. Processing went fine after that.

I had to do the same thing for a site run by the same parent company as plasmatv4free.com, but I haven't gotten the gift yet so I can't say what happens, but I think you'll be OK if you send them an explanation note.