legit or no

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23-07-2007 23:33:09


got this in an email.....legit or no? 10 offers


24-07-2007 04:22:13


got this in an email.....legit or no? 10 offers[/quoteb0d2a94f45]

perhaps a branch of product test panel?

6 offers? Have you signed up to see the offers?


24-07-2007 06:12:56

no i didnt...was hoping someone else did


24-07-2007 06:38:03

its the same as Prodeuct test panel.
you can see th eoffers after you log in with your email addy, but the offers are the same across the board.


24-07-2007 06:59:34

If it's PTP, then expect the last page to be pretty brutal. If their past sites are any indicator, you'd wind up dropping at least $1K on page 3 offers alone.


24-07-2007 07:10:05

You also get a ridiculous amount of prizes/money for your investment, but that's way too much dough for me to drop on a website, unless you needed a EuroRail Trip or something that page 3 offers.