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20-07-2007 20:59:37

http// are they legit? i found a pretty good site i think


21-07-2007 10:15:59

It doesn't even tell you what you're signing up for. But It looks like the same company that runs . It's the same address I had to send my redemption form to.


21-07-2007 15:54:43

oh ok yea i know, it told me for xps dell but it doesnt show for u?


23-07-2007 07:41:28

here's the link


What are the requirements? does anyone know


23-07-2007 11:02:34

(b) Certain Advertiser Offers have Pointís associated to them. The more offers you complete the more points you earn. Accumulate a minimum of 750 points and you will receive the promoted offer within 60 days.

No idea what the point values are. I seem to remember ipodsweepstakes as being very low value.


23-07-2007 11:04:40

media shappers is just an endless list of other sites ads, the gift is probly belonging to another site such as brandarama. if you actually go all the way through the marathon of clickong it takes you to google.

i have come across atleast 3 gift offered by media shappers that turned out to be brandaram prizes.