thanks freeprizegalaxy!

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08-07-2007 08:46:12

great site. got paid quick and they gave me $5. bonus. lots and lots of offers! i earned $56 quickkk D D

quick and easy. real support even phone!



08-07-2007 09:45:34

You registered just to post this 3 times? Suspicious... I doubt you'll ever come back either.


11-07-2007 00:50:29

why is it suspicous? I'm posting proof because if we post proof we get entered in a raffle. i just don't know how to show proof. can someone pm me and explain. thnx.

FPZ Robin

13-07-2007 13:57:04

Thanks for posting breasmea. PM me your email so you can be entered in our $100 raffle. Order by July 14th & get $5.00 FREE CASH!