looking for some good diys, help please

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05-07-2007 12:01:53

I've been out of the diys for awhile because of school, but i did get my check from musthavefreegifts not too longer ago and now waiting on a $600 visa from brandarama...

i really could use advice as to which diys to tackle now, any good ones out?


05-07-2007 12:06:03

These threads aren't really allowed, but

-PlasmaTV4Free, 12 offers no referrals for a plasma TV or $800 check.
-YourTopBrands-$1000 Visa for 4 offers.
-RewardsParade-$1000 Visa for 8 offers or $500 AMEX for 3 offers.


05-07-2007 12:20:22

oh thank you, why not? thats weird, i was just asking if anyone else had any good sites that they like to share, i usually share mine........ yea im attempting your top brands and the $500 amex card, wish there were more high paying ones, but too many people have been frauding and lots of offers have been pulled from affiliates -(


05-07-2007 12:25:38

The reason they aren't really allowed is because it would just overload this forum with threads. Just look around at the various threads and see if any look good to you )


05-07-2007 13:19:20

oh that sucks, ive looked and have been for an hour but havent found many that are still good or fresh. I just thought people would advise each other on which are hott so that we all benefit