Think this is still good?

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05-07-2007 08:17:19

Again, I was playing around with google. I found a link from to a (I think iDeal) plasma site. The post was from early 2006 though. But the site is still working, so I don't know... BTW, the site says it's 10+1, and that isn't a ref link.


On more question. I was looking for a plasma site because I retardedly signed up for but didn't even start plasmatv4free. Now it says...

"Thank you for your interest in our offer! Due to the limited time nature of the offer, your registration is now expired. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further information.

-- Thank you. "

It really doesn't say much in the Terms though. Am I good to go and start it all over?


05-07-2007 08:24:41

I'm sure the CSC site is still good, but you may want to check the domain expiration date if the link is from 2006.

And no, you can't sign up again.


05-07-2007 09:23:09

it expires in january 2008. anyone sign up and see requiements?


05-07-2007 09:28:35

The proper link is http//

and it's 10+1


05-07-2007 09:49:01

[quote6bed22046d="cgeorg07"]it expires in january 2008. anyone sign up and see requiements?[/quote6bed22046d]

You can see requirements by clicking on the Terms and Conditions, or sometimes it's just down in the mumbo jumbo.


05-07-2007 14:45:45

much better TV's than the plasmatv4free site...oh well


05-07-2007 14:51:17

CSC was my first I-Deal site about a year and a half ago. Still have the Panasonic plasma hanging on the bedroom wall.

And never just go by the requirements shown at the bottom of the registration screen in the fine print. This boilerplate text is copied between different sites and I've seen it wrong on several occasions. Go by what's in the T&C. It's boilerplate too and I've also sometimes seen mistakes there as well, but the requirements have always been correct there.