New DIY (Free) Website. $5 Promo now!

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20-06-2007 09:19:44

Hi guys,

My name is Jamey, and I am a PHP programmer and designer. After months of
hard work, I finally built the greatest DIY Incentive script ever built. I welcome
you to come visit http//[]http//

It's basically a website filled with surveys and free offers (No Credit Card Needed!) and a soon to come serious DIY website with Credit card offers,

Anyways, I am giving a promotion to the next 100 members who signup
unreferred, just PM me or post your registered Username here and I will
add $5 to your account as a way of saying "Thanks!".

Also, I am paying within 1 hour on all cashouts this week, then the payout
will rise to 24 hours, then when it gets very crazy and full it will be Net 15.

Take advantage now and cashout.