The Official Your Prize Free thread

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19-06-2007 12:26:24


Welcome to the Official Your Prize Free thread.

Your Prize Free is a site that was created in 2006, and has shipped out over 100 free prizes!

The link to the main site is


I am the administrator of the site, and Gigasquash works for the site as well. We are both now members of this forum to help answer any questions you may have about the site. We know there are quite a lot of DIY-Freebie sites out there, but we are ALWAYS here to help you with anything on the site, and we have some of the most loose rules of any site!

For example, there are no requirements on the time you have to complete an offer.

There aren't certain offers you MUST complete in order to get your prize.

You don't need to refer anybody to get your prize

We have one of the quickest gift shipping times of any site! NO more waiting months to get your gift!

and finally,

You can order an unlimited number of gifts!

I also wanted to inform you of our June Bonus, located here


Please take a moment to join the site, and in no time you will have your free prize!

Also... if you ever have any questions, feel free to PM Gigasquash or me for help. Alternatively, you can post on this thread, or submit a support ticket.