question about ideal and brandarama sites?

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12-06-2007 17:13:18

I was just wondering, does anyone know how often these 2 add new offers to their sites? just wondering, thanks.


12-06-2007 17:29:03

I-deal adds about 10 new ones every month.
Brandarama maybe 2-4 per month.


12-06-2007 18:47:05

thanks ) I was just wondering because I've seen a few of the same offers and brandaramas sites for a while now


12-06-2007 19:17:49

Ideal changes their offers up all the time )


13-06-2007 01:37:43

Glad to know this cause i'm pretty much running out of offers to do.


13-06-2007 08:43:15

I know, they added a new offer yesterday but they took it down just a few minutes later for some reason


13-06-2007 09:04:01

It's not the same offers everytime.. refresh a couple times and offers rotate in and out.


13-06-2007 09:41:35

I meant the offers for brandarama when I said that, I hate their last page, anyway, I'm working on one of ideals sites and I did 3 offers that night and the next day I was going to do some more and it showed where I had clicked on the offer and it said invalid next to it, I know nothings wrong with any of my credit cards and they won't answer the email that I sent to them....