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06-06-2007 07:38:49

Can anyone tell me WHAT company this site falls under? I know it's not ideal. It's 6 offers for a 42" samsung plasma

The 3 offers on the last page (you have to do two) are Road Loans, Direct TV & Vonage.

I wanna finish this site up, easy offers, plus I'm moving so I can get Direct TV..

someone let me know, thanks


06-06-2007 09:46:56

LOL, I went there and it has a PSP listed with a retail value of $445


06-06-2007 09:55:17

It's made of gold inside ;)


06-06-2007 11:30:27

6 offers for Plasma TV.. it's definitely worth a shot. Go for it.


06-06-2007 14:08:28

I'm pretty sure this was proven a scam on like a year ago....


06-06-2007 15:28:48


Take it for what you will, but the guy recieved his tv after 4 months. Not bad, id say


07-06-2007 01:29:38

http//[" alt=""/img101491fa66]

good luck with the final page... i knew I had looked at a site like that and not done it for a reason...


07-06-2007 04:21:05

The wine offer wouldn't be that bad if you are of age and wanted wine.


07-06-2007 07:46:22

its freegiftworld


07-06-2007 08:07:57

DirecTV is nice when the weather is nice.


07-06-2007 08:09:28

[quote0e7964ffa2="RolltheStampede"]its freegiftworld[/quote0e7964ffa2]

is it a reliable company?


07-06-2007 08:23:25


Take it for what you will, but the guy recieved his tv after 4 months. Not bad, id say[/quote2389a2e82d]


from reading all their responses...the site sounds like it's not worth the time and effort....

took those guys 5-6 months to recieve their gifts AFTER having to contact BBB for it.


29-08-2007 17:19:38

Reading their T&C, it seems they have adopted Nuitech's draconian cancellation stipulations must keep offers for 90 days shock Nuitech at least relented and changed their requirements to 60 days.