done it?

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03-06-2007 20:55:05

I was checking out this site and was wondering if anyone's done it, and more importantly, if they're legit. Seems like you could get a tv for pretty cheap (under 50). Not a plug, just haven't seen any chatter about them on here, so I was just wondering about them.


03-06-2007 21:02:57

They are legit... 45 Days for offers to go approved.. 6-8 weeks to receive gift after that.

The company is YF Direct.. they have many sites. Refer to the YF Direct thread here http//


03-06-2007 21:07:41

Thanks, I'm kinda new to this stuff, and I was just wondering what 45 days for offers to go approved means exactly. Can I cancel offers before the 45 days is up or do I have to still be a member of each offer?