ShoppersSavingCenter legit?

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28-05-2007 14:27:11

Pardon my for my ignorance (although I did search the forums and came up with no matches), but is, a.k.a., Inner Concepts Inc. of Stateline, NV a legit company?

Seemed appealing because their "platinum" offers were not all OOD's


28-05-2007 15:10:24

Yes, they are legit.


28-05-2007 15:12:08

Ideal does not have OOD's


28-05-2007 16:22:07

How exactly do you determine if an offer is an OOD offer??


28-05-2007 17:23:14

[quotec0d7bf0221="Chrscott22"]How exactly do you determine if an offer is an OOD offer??[/quotec0d7bf0221]

Usually an ood is an expensive offer.


12-07-2007 17:07:25

Sorry to bring this thread back from the dead, but how have people faired with this site?


12-07-2007 17:14:27

I don't know about shopperssavingcenter specifically, but a lot of ppl have received stuff from inner concepts lately.


12-07-2007 18:05:07

ShoppersSavingCenter is just one of many sites run by various I-Deal DBA's, all of which are legitimate. As ILoveToys said, lots of folks have received stuff from the Inner Concepts DBA that runs SSC, but whether that was from an actual SSC site or not I don't know. Some SSC sites are pretty new and there hasn't been enough time yet. Most I-Deal sites are now on 20 or 30 day offer credit cycles, and then take anywhere from 2-12 weeks to ship once your paperwork is processed.


12-07-2007 18:10:20

Sorry, I should have been more specific. I know that Ideal and its various DBA's are legit. I was asking more along the lines of crediting and crediting cycles. I have seen some threads about people not receiving credit and credit cycles changing for sites like plasmatv4free. Thanks for the help guys!


15-07-2007 00:43:07

My referral signed up on July 11th but is still not under my account. Will I-Deal manually credit him to me or does it sometimes just take a while to register under my account? Thanks in advance...