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27-05-2007 17:52:43

We are very proud to announce the launch of “ON YOUR OWN” from The Freebie Life.

Notice its not called “DYI” or “GPT” to, because it has a mixture of email submits, zip submits, NOCC offers and regular offers… so there is something for everyone!

1 point = $1.00

We have selected our offers to achieve the highest payouts for our users, if you see an offer that pays more elsewhere, let us know and we will TOP THAT PRICE. We have around 50 offers, but we’re looking to get that to around 200 by tonight.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT MANUAL CREDIT REQUESTS ON THIS SITE FOR OFFERS THAT COST LESS THEN $9.99. Let me repeat, NO MANUAL CREDITS FOR OFFERS COSTING LESS THEN $9.99. If this is a problem, we apologize but due to the nature of the email and zip code submission offers we are unable to meet this request. Rest assure we have improved our crediting script greatly to give you top notch crediting (and we are using the best affiliate out there).

Referral commission is as follows EARN 20% OF ALL YOUR REFERRALS COMMISION. This amount will be added your total after you order so you WILL not see it on your point’s total.

The payout schedule is on top of the “Status” page and is updated constantly.

For the first 25 users who sign up using this link


$5.00 WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR ACCOUNT INSTANTLY! Hurry up and do not miss this offer!

If you are looking to make some easy money, but don’t have a credit card, this is the site for you!

Hope to see you there,
TFL Admin


02-06-2007 18:42:39

bump last day for $5