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26-05-2007 16:16:48

it seems that they're now kind of easy to do, but, they require 2 referrals on any site, even the $500 one.


26-05-2007 23:25:59

I was getting excited there for a moment, until I read everything. They don't seem to have any OOD requirements, 2-6-2 all easy offers,


refer 2 friends. I know there is congas and ways to do it. I guess if I got in early it might be possible, but who knows.

It's weird, the TOS and the FAQ doesn't mention referrals, however, the blue area at the bottom of every page does.


27-05-2007 09:50:41



27-05-2007 10:23:56

[quotea4f6f489cc="laurelgrl20"]I know, they may want 2 referrals now but so what? I mean, nuitechs too far gone to be worth doing anymore, I like brandarama but they're just too slow and you have to take a risk at getting scammed with i-deal, plus they give you only 60 days to do their sites, I think I would rather do these guys than I would anyone else right now, I've been wanting to do them for a long time now because they've always offered the best prizes to you for completing their offers, right?[/quotea4f6f489cc]

huge rip off a diy with 2 refs for 500 think ill pass and this thread will get no action cause others will too


27-05-2007 12:05:47



27-05-2007 12:48:48

[quotedacb4de236="laurelgrl20"]what does that supposed to mean? if they're not worth it, ideals not worth it, then who is? I know brandarama isn't, you can make twice the money off of a minimum wage paying job by the time you get your gift card from them, yeah they want referrals but doesn't these days on these diy sites, musthavefreegifts just lost their minds along with nuitech this year, I'm willing to give them a try if nobody else is. I've been waiting for too long for them to get some sense and change their terms and conditions.
I'm not trying to be mean either.[/quotedacb4de236]

dont know who told you ideal is not worth it but rather do a 500 gift card for 500 or yourtopbrands 3 offers or even I'm doing a yfd site for 500 for 4 offers.


27-05-2007 12:52:42

I haven't seen any of yfd's sites in a while, and I like yourtopbrands but they are slow let me tell you, I got a little lucky when I got mine a month early, my status hasn't even changed to shipped yet when I go to look at some of their other sites to do


29-05-2007 07:13:10

i see yfd sites all over the place, you just arent looking hard enough


29-05-2007 15:31:33

[quote415bd6cc91="RolltheStampede"]i see yfd sites all over the place, you just arent looking hard enough[/quote415bd6cc91]


yea, 3 offers for 500 sears gc

and 3 offers for 500 amex card

AND working on a 1000 visa card 4 offers

beat that. its worth the wait or u can work at mcdonalds if ur not patient.


29-05-2007 15:36:38

I was just joking around when I said that, I have a job paying $8.50 an hour, I don't need to work at mcdonalds, I've got a 3-month old baby girl that I'm raising without the father around because he hated kids, thats the only reason I'm doing these diy and referral sites, I didn't do or say nothing to anyone for those things to be said about me. I do have a little patience for brandarama but I just don't see why they're so slow