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26-05-2007 00:03:48

I'm working on Gadget City which is a YF direct. is on one of the OOD pages. When I click on it says
[quote12d3296508]You are now being sent to the site. To complete this offer and get your free gift, you must complete this short sign up form.[/quote12d3296508]

Does that mean that I can sign up for the free membership? Or do I actually have to do the premium membership?


26-05-2007 19:04:24

im wondering that too!


26-05-2007 21:07:47

I did a few days ago and i went the free route. Haven't been credited for it yet and i'm not really expecting it to.


29-05-2007 11:41:22

Yes, I called and they said all you have to do is fill out a short form, to complete

john )


29-05-2007 12:12:03 only pays affiliate companies (YF Direct) on sales.