Money4Shop just shipped out over $9,000!

Live forum:


23-05-2007 13:46:20

Payments from April has all gone out now! Over $9,000 was shipped out! That gives us a grand total of almost $15,000 shipped since we've been open (2 months ago). I encourage everyone to join in and earn before midnight EST of the 31st to get paid in May. We've got big plans for may, a whole Money4Shop network is opening. With a new script for the Cash site, a Points site, and a referral site! and many more to come..

To checkout our new cash site early, go to[]

Feel free to sign up there and start earning! All orders placed before midnight of May 31st will receive payment in June! For right now, crediting is manual there since auto-crediting is still enabled at the classic Money4shop and there're about 140 offers right now. More offers are added daily. You should receive credit within 24 hours, if not send in a credit request.

Again, I want to congratulate all those who have earned and encourage everyone to come on over and enjoy the high payouts!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks.