points vs. 1 2 1

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22-05-2007 19:54:39

I know I'm new and I did a search, but I didn't find what I'm looking for.

I basically want to know what gives you the most bang for your buck. A points site or one of those 1 silver 2 gold 2 platinum. I've been doing referral trades here, but I'm thinking of giving DIY a shot.

For example I need to sign up for dish network. Lucrocash will give me $60. If I do this at a 1 2 2 site will that same offer basically be worth more? Or should I just stick to something straight forward like lucrocash.


22-05-2007 19:57:04

Dish is not offered on Ideal, i'm not sure about other DIY sites??

But you make more on DIY but it's more of a wait


22-05-2007 19:58:14

If you're doing Dish Network you can do a lesser known DIY site and get a pretty good payout.. i'll look into it later.


22-05-2007 21:00:15

DIY meaning the 1 2 1 style, not points. Right?


22-05-2007 21:04:38

That is correct


23-05-2007 06:44:01

Dude if you ever do Dish network or Direct TV any satelite offer your gifft should be in the range of 1-2000 bucks serios, dont let these point sites short change you on as offer like that. Last time i did direct tv I got an 1800 amazon gift card. After doing Dish network im waitin gon a 50 inch plasma.
In my opinion DIY or 121 as you call it is always better than points.


23-05-2007 07:36:34

DIY (1-2-2) is the best. Thats where you get the bang for your buck. Wait on the Dish offer to get something great.


23-05-2007 08:36:18

If time is of the essence, any of the get paid to site (points sites) will almost certainly pay you faster than any DIY (1-2-2) sites. LucroCash will pay in less than 7 days following approval of your order.


23-05-2007 08:42:27

dont sell yourself short


23-05-2007 17:01:27

It seems that yfdirect has a dish network and/or direct tv. I may do it there unless I see a smaller site with a bigger payout soon.

Besides yfdirect is local (Utah) and I can threaten to beat the crap out of them if they are too slow. lol