Time for a Contest!

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19-05-2007 10:42:27

[bec10e746e5]Lottery Promotion![/bec10e746e5]

[bec10e746e5]It's time for a Contest! or a Lottery if you will.[/bec10e746e5]

[bec10e746e5]who is this lottery for?[/bec10e746e5] All Current Members & any New Members!

[bec10e746e5]How do you play? Easy[/bec10e746e5]

For every 5 Points you earn, (Not counting Your 5 Sign-up points), you will be given a Lottery Code.
Hold on to this code. On May 31St 11 P.M. EST. A new Tab on your Members Page will appear, "PLay Lottery".
One at a time enter your codes in to see if you've WON! Easy as PIE )

[bec10e746e5]The Rules[/bec10e746e5]

[bec10e746e5]1.) [/bec10e746e5]Only earned Points count, your [bec10e746e5]5 Sign-up points will not [/bec10e746e5]count for this, but Any new users will still get this Promo as well.

[bec10e746e5]2.) [/bec10e746e5]For every 5 accumulated points, you will receive 1 Lottery Code, no matter what the offer is worth, I.E.- a 15 Point offer will get you 3 codes, 20 point offer will get you 4, and so on. (Just for Clarity)Offers less than 5 points, Member will need to do more offers to equal 5 Points.

[bec10e746e5]3.) [/bec10e746e5]All Cash Winnings will be paid out by june 15th. All Point Prizes are awarded immediately.

[bec10e746e5]4.) [/bec10e746e5]Have Fun!

[bec10e746e5]This should be a fun, Easy Contest for everyone. We have a ton of Low cost $1-$5 trial offers, and Lots of No-cc offers.[/bec10e746e5]

[bec10e746e5]Prize's Available[/bec10e746e5]

[bec10e746e5]Grand Prize [/bec10e746e5] $100 Paypal/Giftcard/Gift Certificate (Winners Choice) 1 Winner

[bec10e746e5]First Prize[/bec10e746e5] $50 Paypal/Giftcard/Gift Certificate (Winners Choice) 2 Winners

[bec10e746e5]second Prize[/bec10e746e5] $25 Paypal/GIftcard/Gift Certificate (Winners Choice) 2 Winners

[bec10e746e5]Third Prize[/bec10e746e5] $15 Paypal/GIftcard/Gift Certificate (Winners Choice) 2 Winners

[bec10e746e5]Fourth Prize[/bec10e746e5] 10 Points on site 5 Winners

[bec10e746e5]Fifth Prize [/bec10e746e5] 5 Points on site 10 Winners

[bec10e746e5]Everyone who does Not win one of the above prizes, Will receive at least 2 points bonus on site! So everyone gets something.

Plus any points you earn for doing the offers during this Lottery.

http//freewave.shiftcode.com/images/banners/945_4.jpg[" alt=""/imgec10e746e5][=http//www.afreespot.com][img="ec10e746e5]http//freewave.shiftcode.com/images/banners/945_4.jpg[" alt=""/imgec10e746e5][/url]


23-05-2007 04:49:55

2 new offers added today,

Run My Credit Report (Try the Trial $4.95)

Bargain Autos ($1 Trial)



27-05-2007 06:50:43

All offer values have been increased. )

Plus we'll be adding some new gifts soon, we need suggestions.

please post suggestions here.


29-05-2007 07:25:50

[b03b221eec4]New offers added [/b03b221eec4] )

The Lotter (Purchase tickets)

Online Credit Notice (No-CC offer, real info only)

Mvelopes(Free Trial)

Internet Business Starter Kit (Try the trial)

2-Day Slimdown ($4.97 trial)

WoodWorkers Book Club (join the club)

Creative Painting Book Club ( join the club)

StarterLoansDirect.com (Must Submit with Valid Info, for credit)

Sales Magic (Purchase)

The Literary Guild (.99 Join the club)


30-05-2007 12:23:22

"Fatal error Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/shiftcod/public_html/sites/945/members/points/register.php on line 13" when i try to register...


30-05-2007 13:37:41

Signed up!


31-05-2007 15:41:28

Tickle is Back!

2 new Tickle offers just added

Palm Test
IQ Test

Enjoy )


31-05-2007 16:46:17

if the contest was about breaking the 3 day rule youd get first place.... please respect the rules here