Has anyone Heard of Freeword.com

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17-05-2007 13:55:24

Hi, i have a site with a laptop . And it is from freeword.com , has anyone heard of them?


17-05-2007 14:23:33

no but if you send me a link i will check it out and investigate


18-05-2007 06:47:38

Thank you, i will pm you the link. I dont know if it is against the rules to put post it here


18-05-2007 06:57:53

You left a bit of information out of your post.
The site is FreeGiftWorld. not Freeword
They are legit but can be difficult to deal with when it comes to getting your gift and getting credit for all your offers.


18-05-2007 08:47:39

ok Thank you

Captain All That

18-05-2007 10:20:59

Yeah... I'm still waiting for someone to develop a system for Freegiftworld.... they have some hot gifts.