DIY Site Promo!!!! HOT PROMO INSIDE!!! Check It Out! :-)

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13-05-2007 05:50:46

WOOHOOO! Listen all FiPG DIY lovers!!!
IFreeCash.Net is having a PROMO!!!!

have over 25 posts? Join to http// OR http//

Copmlete the site and request your payout.
PM me your email here in this forum or contact me with
AIM IFreeCash

And get paid Instantly! to your PayPal Account!!!

This is for a limited time only! get in while you can D

IFreeCash.Net Team! D ) wink

Captain All That

14-05-2007 13:23:57

Got an offer list?


14-05-2007 14:31:05

i dont get it. what is the promo?


14-05-2007 14:34:20

[quote3500c870fc="shortys408"]i dont get it. what is the promo?[/quote3500c870fc]

Instant payout?? confused2


14-05-2007 14:35:00

doesnt sound like much of a promo.


14-05-2007 16:12:36

Did this site a few days ago and had $100 in my paypal within a few hours

http//[" alt=""/img55d1eee7c5]

[img="55d1eee7c5]http//[" alt=""/img55d1eee7c5]


17-05-2007 16:34:33

Ok, how long is "limited time only"?


17-05-2007 21:27:56

Dude your points have an awful ratio.
they should be like 2.5 times what your giving