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10-05-2007 10:01:17

Hey guys, my sites been around for a while, I think some of my members post here. Pokerprizes has 2 unique features

Every month I hold poker tourneys on for all my users, top 3 split 1000 points and $25 cash.

Points are also fully transferable, so you can trade for greens on REF sites.

All prizes are shipped second day ait from amazon, the GC's are from simon mall.

If you sign up through here send me a ticket and you will get 100 free points.

I used to post on and

Best regards!


10-05-2007 11:09:26

im already signed up. Can I still get 100 free points?


10-05-2007 13:19:26

The 100 points are for new members only, sorry shorty


10-05-2007 22:35:14

hey i just signed up under .. can i get 100 points??


10-05-2007 23:10:39

[quote9b9759f481="mlarkin3"]hey i just signed up under .. can i get 100 points??[/quote9b9759f481]

I think you should resolve your outstanding trades first ;)


11-05-2007 08:30:51

Hey guys, send me a ticket guys it'll be a lot easier for me to credit your accounts.

I'm updaing my script at this moment, the site will be back up in an hour or two,

Take care guys


11-05-2007 17:04:52

We're back up!


11-05-2007 22:12:28

i sent a support ticket ... no reply back


12-05-2007 06:06:41

just got throught the tickets, sorry we just spent the day updating the system,



15-05-2007 15:20:53

whats wrong with the site... i did an offer last night .. and everythign was working .. and now this morning its not..