Grand Opening, New D.I.Y. site....5 Free Points!

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09-05-2007 08:29:16

Grand Opening !

Come join us at [b0dfbf9606d]FreeWave[/color0dfbf9606d][/b0dfbf9606d]

Our new Points based site, with many Free gifts to choose from, Including Video games, Ipod's, and cash. We also have a [b0dfbf9606d]custom gift option[/b0dfbf9606d].

Cash as Low as 10 points ($1 a point), and gifts as Low as 25 points.

We pay out to paypal within 3 weeks of prize request, usually sooner, upon successful account verification. We ship gifts just as quick in most cases, but could take up to 3 weeks, depending on stock availability.

We have 66 offers to choose from, many No-CC offers as well, And more being added all the time, Plus some - [b0dfbf9606d]Exclusive Offers[/color0dfbf9606d][/b0dfbf9606d] available soon.

[b0dfbf9606d]Our Grand Opening Promo All New sign-ups will receive their first 5 points FREE! Promo is good Until midnight of May 31st.[/color0dfbf9606d][/b0dfbf9606d]

All referals will also receive the 5 point Promo, In addition You will receive 25% of your referals points, so get out there and refer your friends and neighbors.

Have any questions, Please feel free to Pm here, Or submit a support ticket, we will Reply to all Emails within' 24 hours [b0dfbf9606d]guaranteed[/color0dfbf9606d][/b0dfbf9606d], or you get 2 free points, We strive for excellent customer service, after all if it wasn't for YOU, we wouldn't be in business.

Thank you, And come......

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09-05-2007 08:41:49

Signed up and got the points!


09-05-2007 08:54:41

what is the site?


09-05-2007 08:58:40


09-05-2007 09:06:04

[quote0e96864b2c="shortys408"]what is the site?[/quote0e96864b2c]
Not anymore.......LOL


10-05-2007 05:52:50

Just submitted my order.....


10-05-2007 07:55:17

my offers wont credit (


11-05-2007 09:10:30

[quotea82fd9eb92="box86rowh"]Just submitted my order.....[/quotea82fd9eb92]

All submitted requests have been received, working on verification ) Also for shorty, One of your credits came through early this morning, and a couple had posted but didn't credit properly to you, So I manually credited you.

Also, 63 new offers, 12 Non-CC, and, 51 CC offers added Yesterday bringing our total to 180. There is definately something for everyone. Don't forget our free 5 point sign-up promo is on until May 31st Midnight EST.


11-05-2007 11:11:47

I just submitted my order. When do paypal orders go out?


14-05-2007 13:05:48

Thanks for the great response everyone )

New offers have been added, Check them out in the "New Offers" Tab, on your Members page. I am also working on adding some unique offer's as well, I'll List those here when they are ready.

And for shorty, I payout within' 3 weeks of the Gift request, I try to do it sooner though, when possible, for my members Convenience.

Thanks Again, and Keep Referring Everyone, Don't Forget the 5 point Promo is on till the end of the month and All your Referrals receive this as well. )


14-05-2007 14:22:49

i got my 10 bucks today. thanks


17-05-2007 05:14:44

Hello Everyone!

New offer's added, as follows

Pure Health Hoodia

Prostate Plus


They can be found in the "New Offers" tab of your members page )


17-05-2007 07:35:35

Approved for order....waiting fo my new DVD player!


30-05-2007 12:58:05

When his supplier was out of this DVD player, he went to Wal-Mart to get one for me(even the better model)!
Will post pics when recieved!


02-06-2007 09:38:34

I am getting this message when trying to go to the site...

This site is temporarily suspended, please contact billing department.