Ezami.com Launches with $400 in contest prizes.

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07-05-2007 23:02:17

DIY pts site with tons of easy offers.


Here's the deal We would like to expand our user base so we are holding a referral contest.
The user with the top # of referrals on June 10th will receive $250 Paypal or check. Second place will get $100 and third place will get $50.
Referrals count as a unique visitor that gets at least 1 point and will start being counted towards the total referral amount on [bb541eebdef]May 10th[/bb541eebdef].

Also, refer 10 users that get over 1 point and you will get a free movie ticket.

[bb541eebdef]$250[/bb541eebdef] 1st Place
[bb541eebdef]$100[/bb541eebdef] 2nd Place
[bb541eebdef]$50[/bb541eebdef] 3rd Place
[bb541eebdef]Free Movie Ticket[/bb541eebdef] for referring 10 users.

Rules No duplicate signups. 1 per person per household.
Regarding fraudulent accounts, we reserve the right to ban without notice. (Just don't try it.)

Be sure to sign up now and start referring on the 10th.
If you have any questions post here.



10-05-2007 09:47:35

Contest starts today so sign up and start referring!


12-05-2007 21:35:39

Sounds like fun!! Count me in!! lol


12-05-2007 22:06:22

I think this belongs in "Other Freebies", since this is a points site not a DIY.


15-05-2007 00:52:56

You guys have Wiis in stock?


30-05-2007 18:27:55

When you submit your order, a Wii will be shipped to you. )

The contest is going strong so keep on referring!