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29-04-2007 20:20:50

Hey everyone,

We here at the Ultimate Freebies network, for the longest time, have wanted to release a dedicated cash-back incentive site where users get cold hard cash for completing offers on their own. The result [bb0551f59b2]Money4Offers[=http//]Money4Offers[/bb0551f59b2]!

At [bb0551f59b2]Money4Offers[=http//]Money4Offers[/bb0551f59b2], user's can enjoy the following benefits

- Enjoy $3 just for signing up! (This is applied when you submit your order for cash-out)

- Minimum cash out requirements $15.00!

- You may cash-out multiple times!

- You may receive payment in the following formats PayPal, Check, or Gift Certificates!

- We currently have around 300 offers to choose from. We are adding more to the database as we speak, which means there is something for everyone! Many of those offers are also no credit card offers, where you can earn over [bb0551f59b2]$300[/bb0551f59b2] on those alone!

- We payout on the 5th and the 20th. To be paid on the 5th, orders must be submitted by the 20th. To be paid by the 20th, orders must be submitted by the 5th. (Smaller cashouts typically from $15-$25 are normally awarded within 7 days after approval or faster!)

- Enjoy fast support, and AIM support from 5PM-1AM CST. We reply to support tickets in less than 12 hours, and approve within 3 days (again, order approval is typically faster).

So everyone, we welcome you to take a look at Money4Offers. The Ultimate Freebies network is slowly growing and becoming a trusted network, so you know you'll get what you want at Money4Offers!

[bb0551f59b2]liRemember, $3 is added to your total order on each new account! (This is only for new account signups only, and is awarded on each users first cashout. Users who continue to cashout do not get a $3 bonus each time).[/bb0551f59b2]


03-05-2007 20:31:06

More offers have been added )


04-05-2007 03:59:02

hmm i may have to check this out )


04-05-2007 18:53:01

[quote3770529cbe="dupebag"]hmm i may have to check this out )[/quote3770529cbe]

Please do...You won't be disappointed ;)


04-05-2007 19:03:04

you can only post once every 3 days..... please read the stickies and respect the rules here


09-05-2007 07:25:10

[quoteeb866753da="JUNIOR6886"]you can only post once every 3 days..... please read the stickies and respect the rules here[/quoteeb866753da]

Sure thing....I don't see why I can't reply to another person's post, but hey, rules are rules....