Treasure4Free: Important Notice

Live forum:


20-04-2007 20:18:48

Due to a large amount of fraudulent offer completions in the last few days, many of our high-performing offers will be down for about a week. We have, for the most part, isolated this problem, and there shouldn't be any more after this. This is just so the fraud dies down and we can investigate into the situation a little bit more.

Please remember, this only affects maybe 20 offers at the most. We still have more than 100 still available to complete for the remainder of this week while certain offers are down.

You will notice which offers are down. When they are clicked on, it will say "This publisher has been denied use of this campaign. Click here to continue anyway". If you continue and complete that offer during the time it says it has been denied use, it will not credit to your account.

Thank you,


28-04-2007 20:47:18

Please note that all offers are back up and good to complete! Thanks for your patience with this issue!

Get in your last minute offer completions now, so you can be paid the 15th!