New DIY site launches 4/20/07 from Key2Free

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K2F Owner

20-04-2007 18:06:05

Free Greens to first members. HUrry up they are going fast! once you have signed up open a support ticket with the name promotion and your free credit will be on its way! 10 free credits left!!!!

You can access the DIY site from the main portal which is[]
while your there check out my other sites
includes 4 brand new sites.

Sign up today! Talk to me on aim if you have any questions!
aim k2fsupport


20-04-2007 19:34:44

your layout looks like it was made by my 5 year old cousin.

good luck in this industry


20-04-2007 19:38:30

He's 14, be easy on em ;)