Good news for DIY site owners, you'll wanna read this

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13-04-2007 04:27:02

If i think your site is good enough, Your thread will be stickied and you'll be allowed to post in it as often as you want. Requests for a site to be stickied will only be considered if the request comes from customers, not the site owner. D


18-04-2007 11:43:59



18-04-2007 19:48:48

Decision for the first sticky is between Expressgiftrewards and I'll make a decision within the next few days


19-04-2007 09:53:55

How do we do the request? Do we have to PM you or do we have to make a post here?

BTW, I'm for ExpressGiftRewards D


21-04-2007 04:31:49

ExpressGiftRewards got the sticky. He no longer has to post once every 3 days

24-04-2007 10:27:47

When will the next sticky be given out? As you can tell, I want one! )


11-12-2007 17:30:56

Check out apf, not the same old cookie cutter diy imho, though I think they are pretty new only a few months