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11-04-2007 23:56:19

http//[" alt=""/imgb534eea7e5][=http//][img="b534eea7e5]http//[" alt=""/imgb534eea7e5][/url]

[url==http//][=http//][/url] Grand Opening!

If the turn out is good enough I will start weekly payments sometime early next month!!! As of now payments are made out every 15 of every month.

Why choose Greedy?

lol 24/7 friendly support via AIM, email, and in-site support tickets (Unlike others I always respond to AIM's)
shock INSTANT crediting
8) Plenty of Offers and more to come!! Plus all offers should be going up in value shortly.
wink 20% Refferal Commision (Higher than most sites)
twisted Higher payout than other sites
P Also coming are monthly CONTEST'S!!! So its not just a boreing site. First contest is design me a new banner best one gets 20 points. lol (so everyone will stop saying I'm copying)

Bonus's and contest rules posted below.
(Please Post Email so I can credit you!)

Contact Greedy
AIM Greedy Help (fastest way to contact 24/7!!!)

12-04-2007 11:24:13

Nice copy and paste from my previous topic.



12-04-2007 11:26:45

[quote5959030832=""]Nice copy and paste from my previous topic.


shock shock


12-04-2007 13:00:52

[quoteec565b4e3a=""]Nice copy and paste from my previous topic.


Very professional..hahaha lol

unknown uchiha

12-04-2007 13:16:50

Not to mention the "mascot" looks a lot like 2DollarDeal's. Don't bite off of other people.

12-04-2007 15:28:02

liI changed some things for you guys!

liThe "mascot" wasn't copied from 2DollarDeal but I do understand it is the same/similar so I will change it as soon as possible.


12-04-2007 16:33:25

I'm tempted to lock this thread because of your threadcrapping in the other new site's thread. However, I'll let your lack of business sense and class speak for itself.


13-04-2007 04:23:26

rofl i was thinking about simply deleting all his his posts but yeah this guy isnt getting any business anyways

14-04-2007 10:26:17

Tons of new offers just added!!!! Also most offer payout's were raised so you get that extra dollar or two!!


14-04-2007 12:38:06
here is my sign up email

15-04-2007 16:03:47

Even more updates!!!! Tons of free offers on there way!


15-04-2007 18:33:39

yah why did you steal the 2dollardeal mascot...oh well.

15-04-2007 20:04:18

Yet again. I didn't "Steal" it from 2dollardeal. 2dollardeal got it from the same place I got it from, its cartoon clip art. I didn't even know 2dollardeal existed when I created the banner.

18-04-2007 21:23:18

My first contest.

Whoever makes me the best looking banner for my website gets 25 points on my site.


liBanner must be the same size as my current one or close to it(718x313)

liMust be animated in some way (thusk must be a .gifurl==http://=http:///url file)

liMust contain a "mascot" or logo of some kind.

liMust display the site name.

liDeadline is May 14 at noon est time. Winner will be annouced at 6 pm that night.

[bce401001ed]PS- The 10 bonus points have all been given out -( srry. But if u sign up this week and complete one offer I will give you 5 bonus points.[/bce401001ed]

19-04-2007 22:38:31


To add to the earning possibilities I will give the next 10 people who sign up and complete at least 7 offers a 20 point [ba639056250]BONUS[/ba639056250](1 point = 1 dollar)!!!!

Keep up the great work people!

13-05-2007 14:57:52

Weekly payments starting soon!!!!!! Check the site or these forums for even more updates.


23-05-2007 17:33:36

Hey,admin,do your site payout weekly?


23-05-2007 18:34:54

[quotea576308059][ba576308059]Weekly payments starting soon!!!!!! [/ba576308059]Check the site or these forums for even more updates.[/quotea576308059]

29-05-2007 10:57:28

Yes we will start weekly payments soon. Were just trying to figure out some bugs we have with weekly payments and our affiliates. But we should be starting them soon.

Also we can work payments out with you personally just AIM me Greedy Help or email= me me