YourTopBrands $1000 Visa 4 offers

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06-04-2007 19:22:02


Has a 1000 Visa Gift card for 4 offers. Last page is the only challenging part, it's not an OOD but offers aren't the greatest. You can get around this though, I asked them through e-mail if I could complete an offer on page 3 to compensate for one and page 4 and they allowed it. The support is actually really good/fast.

So, I spent about 40 bucks on 4 offers and am getting 1000 in return..good deal! I went to qualified status today, I just need to send in my W9 and claim form and we'll see if I get my gift.


06-04-2007 19:44:18

You will, but it will be a 5-6 month wait...


06-04-2007 19:54:51

So what, it's $1000 )


06-04-2007 22:00:41


That's the other topic about this site...also, what 4th page offer did you do?

The lowest price for a 4th page offer for me is $97 (

Waiting for a cheaper one...