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30-03-2007 14:53:20

TheySayJump and doylnea introduce LucroNet, LLC, operating [b2e4e215c18][=http//][/b2e4e215c18]. Our company site is located at [b2e4e215c18][=http//][/b2e4e215c18].

[b2e4e215c18][=http//][/b2e4e215c18] is a site where you're paid for every offer you complete.

We welcome you to the site, and hope that you'll welcome us to the other side of the freebie scene. Between the two owners, we have 7 years of experience in the business, first as customers, and now as site owners. We're well prepared to operate a successful business, and as testament to that, we currently have [b2e4e215c18]423 offers[/b2e4e215c18] available for you to try (and we are adding more every day), many of which you've likely never seen before, almost all of them being instant credit offers. We currently have more than [b2e4e215c18]66 Non-Credit Card[/b2e4e215c18] offers available!

We have some of the highest payout amounts around. As you would hope, and expect, we're fully funded to payout as soon as you've met our cashout requirements.

There are no refs required, so you don't lose anything by signing up to[=http//] check out our offers, and you may find a few offers that you're interested in, that you've never seen anywhere else.

Please sign up for our [b2e4e215c18]RSS Feed[=http//]RSS Feed[/color2e4e215c18][/b2e4e215c18], which will alert you to new offers, new payouts and promotions.

Please let us know if you have any questions, by posting in this thread, or submitting a support ticket on [b2e4e215c18][=http//][/b2e4e215c18]

http/" alt=""/"406/9883/banner2zc9.png[" alt=""/img2e4e215c18][=http//][img="2e4e215c18]http/" alt=""/"406/9883/banner2zc9.png[" alt=""/img2e4e215c18][/url]


30-03-2007 18:16:51

Confirmed by admins?


30-03-2007 18:18:25

[quote2bb9241675="Chris"]Confirmed by admins?[/quote2bb9241675]

Yes the site is owned by TheySayJump and doylnea. I can verify this as being an affiliate manager on RevU. wink


30-03-2007 18:18:31

[quote09c5c0083f="Chris"]Confirmed by admins?[/quote09c5c0083f]
Duh! D

EDIt Damn u beat me


30-03-2007 18:21:40

heh, thanks guys! oops


30-03-2007 23:14:28

Cool, signed up! But......whats the promotion?


31-03-2007 08:13:54

Looks good!!

Captain All That

31-03-2007 10:22:50

slow loading times on the pages... and I"m on a T1.


31-03-2007 23:00:12

yes very slow


31-03-2007 23:29:19

We are aware of the slow loading pages and are trying to find out the source of the problem as well as a solution to it.

It may be because we have so many offers listed (over 400) but we don't host the images, those are all affiliate dependent.


01-04-2007 00:03:27

Upon pinging your server i doubt it's the images your response time is really lagged out, a server upgrade is imminent !!


02-04-2007 23:30:00

We just added around 10 new offers as well as raised our payouts on about 7 offers.

We also hope to have the site loading times fixed within the next couple of days and apologise for any inconvenience it may have caused you. )


03-04-2007 05:06:25

The loads 10x faster and is now normal!!

Edit I don't wanna read through all the fast do you approve and disperse orders?


03-04-2007 09:25:22

We review orders within 7 days, and make payments within 14 days of approval.


04-04-2007 18:23:40

Questions answered! -) Got a lot of people on the site yet? Are you doing any promotions?


05-04-2007 16:56:41

I see "near" duplicate sites, such as Win Moolah, and Essential Living.. is it ok to do both offers even though they're from the same company? I know I've had previous experience with Trim Life, or TL Sciences.. and they won't let you sign up for more than one free trial.


05-04-2007 18:40:07

You can only complete each offer one time, whether it be on site A or site B. If you complete any offer more than once on any site, your account will be placed on hold.

You should now notice that the site is loading faster, and by faster I mean significantly faster. We also have nearly 500 offers to choose from now, as well. Let us know if you have any questions or comments.


05-04-2007 18:55:13

Thanks for the clarification.. It was precisely that of which I DIDN'T want to do.. thanks a bunch. -)

Also wanted to ask..

Can you cash out more than once? Or do you have only one shot?


05-04-2007 19:14:13

No not at all, you can cashout as many times as you like. D

Also, we've spent a lot of time making sure we don't have duplicate offers, as well as offers that don't work, but sometimes they are deactivated by our affiliates and we're not notified of this, so if you see an offer that's broken or doesn't work correctly, please let us know and we'll fix it. )


06-04-2007 07:39:39

I noticed Auto Loan Country sends you to a survey site.. that's the only one I've noticed so far. -)


06-04-2007 22:52:27

Thank you, if you find anymore, don't hesitate to let us know.

Thanks! D


10-04-2007 11:25:58

We approved a lot of orders last night so if anyone here is a member and had a pending order, please see your account status to choose your method of payment.


11-04-2007 04:01:01

okay ,i will join this site


13-04-2007 10:17:03

All pending orders on LucroCash as of last night were shipped.

If you requested a cheque, it should arrive within 4 business days. If you requested Paypal, that should take the same amount of time whilst we wait for funds to be transferred.

There are a few pending orders that we are waiting for confirmation from the user as to how they'd like to be paid, so if your status doesn't show shipped, please tell us your chosen method of payment.

As always, any comments, suggestions, criticisms or questions, please let us know.


18-04-2007 08:36:07

I am really enjoying the site but I can't get signed in today. I keep getting error msgs. Is the site having a problem or is it on my end?


18-04-2007 09:25:59

Just tried signing up and got this

Warning Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/lucrocas/public_html/smarty/templates_c/%%F7^F7F^F7F34188%%header.tpl.php5) in /home/lucrocas/public_html/includes/ on line 214


18-04-2007 10:04:14

Yes. What is that?


18-04-2007 10:55:32

Sorry folks. I'm looking into this right now.


18-04-2007 11:10:07

[quoteae395972d8="doylnea"]Sorry folks. I'm looking into this right meow.[/quoteae395972d8]

Fixed. I have no clue why I did that, I sure am board.


18-04-2007 12:08:49

It's now fixed and we apologise for the inconvenience.

If you notice or receive any further errors, please let us know.



01-06-2007 22:12:05

Have you seen an offer we should add? Let us know!

How can we improve?

Let Us Know[=http//]Let Us Know


03-06-2007 20:03:12

Paid 20$ paypal.. they respond really quick to

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