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24-03-2007 17:05:58


I'm new to this site and freebie sites and i have just a couple questions.

On average how long and approximately how many offers would it take to get something big like a Macbook Pro? (i need one for school) How many points are easy offers worth usually?

Also, what do u guys think of What are some of the better DIY sites?

Thanks guys! sorry for the noob questions. answers would really be apreciated.


24-03-2007 17:42:23

Best sites around at the moment are zeropricetags lol, and the traiin sites, offers can vary from $20 - $40+ it all depends who your dealing with, a macbook should'nt take all that long to get..

All you've got to do is make a thread asking for people/greeners to come green for you in order to get your macbook for school D

If all else fails read some of the help threads, in the help section i stayed there for a while when i first joined it really helped me out.


25-03-2007 19:02:27

thanks for the quick reply

ill check them out

i signed up for but the prizes are way too many points its like impossible

i also signed up for but it wont let me sign in for some reason ill have to figure it out

thanks for the help