Ultimate Freebies *NEW* Points Site - Get $5 free today!

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19-03-2007 13:07:42

Hello all,

We here at Ultimate Freebies recently launched a points based site, http//points.ultimatefreebies.org[=http//points.ultimatefreebies.org]http//points.ultimatefreebies.org. This is a Do-It-Yourself site, however, you may also refer people and get 15% of their earnings (Most sites give our 10%). We also have two referral sites as well.

We are constantly adding offers daily. We allow multiple cashouts as well. Currently, we payout on the 20th of each month, which you would need to submit on or before the last day of the previous month to qualify, HOWEVER, this is expected to change very soon!

We have custom paypal and giftcard options available, as well as other unique prizes to choose from. Here is more about the Points site now offers at Ultimate Freebies

- Each point = $1
- [b75609da1d1]Over 210 offers! You can even earn over $300 by completing offers that are free or require no credit card![/b75609da1d1]
- Generally payout more than other DIY Points sites....
- Earn 15% of your referrals earnings
- Cashout multiple times
- Fast crediting offers
- We have offers that other sites don't!
- No minimum cash-out requirement!
- Don't want a physical gift? Put in an order for custom PayPal or a custom giftcard. Don't have a PayPal account? Request a check from us!
[b75609da1d1]- We payout on the 5th and the 20th of each month. To be eligible for the 5th, orders must be submitted by the 20th. For the 20th, orders need to be in by the 5th.[/b75609da1d1]
[i75609da1d1]liYou willl need to complete at least one or more offers equaling 5 points in order to cashout your free 5 points.[/i75609da1d1]

Sign-up now, and we will give you 5 points free! That's $5 in cash just for signing up! Simply submit a support ticket telling us you saw this post in A4F, and we'll credit your account 5 points!

What are you waiting for? Get started on a great site today!


23-03-2007 07:57:37

Hey guys - We still have our $5 free points promo going on until the end of this month! Also, we have added at least 30 new offers since the site launched. We are STILL adding offers, and will probably end up with over 200 by April.

Check us out - We have some offers that other freebie sites don't. Also, we have a bunch of 1-2 point offers that are free. You can rack up over [b15f5ffa552]$200[/b15f5ffa552] worth of cash by doing no credit card offers that are completely [b15f5ffa552]FREE[/b15f5ffa552]! Make that over [b15f5ffa552]$205[/b15f5ffa552] with your free 5 points credit, or you can earn prizes as well!

Remember, you may cashout multiple times )


28-03-2007 11:39:24

We still have 5 free points til' the end of this month! Hurry up and sign-up! Start completing offers today and order by the 5th to get paid the 20th )


02-04-2007 07:32:08

Just wanted to post to note that our 5 free point promotion has ended.

Remember You can still, however, sign up and earn over [bf5da1f51ed]$200[/bf5da1f51ed] by simply completing offers that do not require a credit card!


08-04-2007 21:36:08

The promotional 5 free points has been finished since April 1st.....

Also wanted to let you all know Over [b5f60cc3c6a]30 New Offers[/b5f60cc3c6a] have been added today! We also are adding around another 30 tomorrow, bringing our total over [b5f60cc3c6a]200[/b5f60cc3c6a] offers to choose from!

Come on over and check out the new offers! 99% of newest offers added are [b5f60cc3c6a]ALL FREE[/b5f60cc3c6a]!