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09-03-2007 15:32:17

Today is the grand opening of Money4Shop. Check us out at


We're currently running a promotion for 24 hours or so. Sign up before tomorrow at midnight and complete an offer, you'll receive an extra $5.

There isn't a minimum cashout but for our first month, you'll be paid on the 15th of April for your March earnings. If the first month goes well, we'll go to paying on the 1st and 15th of the month.

We currently have 70 offers which total to $1,539 worth of offers.


10-03-2007 11:09:30

Join and complete an offer in the next 10 hours to receive your $5 bonus!


10-03-2007 23:00:36

Our $5 bonus promotion has ended unfortunately.

This upcoming week, there'll be more offers being added (offers for Can. users and non-CC offers).


11-03-2007 12:41:56

[Offer List Removed]

We now have too many offers to list.


12-03-2007 16:28:29

There is now a non cc offer section. So far, there are 20 sum offers in there and more will be added really soon. Also. more offers are being added daily this week to the cc section as well.

Come checkout our payouts! A few just simple 'email submits' for $0.25-$0.50!


13-03-2007 16:32:38

Update More non-cc offers were added today! We've got a total of around 150+ offers. All freebie payouts are at least 25 cents, whereas other sites offer them for 10 cents!

More CC offers will be added soon as well.

As for our contest goes, I've noticed a lot of sign-ups but not a lot of members being active. C'mon, let's make this contest more exciting!


13-03-2007 16:39:52

read the forum announcement....


16-03-2007 09:24:14

Here's an update In the past week we've added a ton of more offers. We now have about 250 offers all together which adds up to be almost $4,000!

About a week has gone by since the site has been opened and in my opinion, I think it's doing pretty good! We're already up to $1,500 in pending payouts for next month!

Also, I've spoken to my affiliates about what needs to be done before pay day and I've completed every necessary requirement for that to happen. I was notified that payouts from my affiliates are made promptly on the 15th. I know on my homepage it specifies that payments will go out between the 15th-20th, but once I receive the affiliate payments, I will send out payments to my members immediately that day. My goal is to get YOUR money to YOU as soon as possible.

Offers have been added daily this week. We'll continue adding offers on a business daily basis, perhaps some on the weekends as well.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please post or contact me! Also, if you find that any of the offer links don't work, please report it through a support ticket.


19-03-2007 23:50:57

Update Instant crediting has now been implemented, some offers' payout has been raised (such as Pitney Bows is now $48!), and get in before the end of the month and get paid on the 15th-20th of April!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks.


25-03-2007 00:11:27

Just one more week to get your offers in to get paid next month!

We've added a ton more offers and will be adding more everyday in the next few weeks. We have almost $6,000 worth of offers now! We've also added categories so the offer lists won't be so long.


02-04-2007 08:35:34

Hi everyone. Well, the month of March is now over and we have over $3,500 in pending payouts for the 15th-20th of April! We opened somewhere in mid-March and in about 2 weeks, we've reached that much in payouts! Congrats to all those who have earned.

Just a few reminders to everyone who hasn't been active or haven't joined. We're still running a daily raffle with 5-10 winners a day! so it's not too early to start doing offers since everyday, there's a chance you could be the winner! Please look in our forums for more information about our raffle and see proof of the many who have won during the last week of the month.

We're going to be adding ALOT of offers soon enough. If the demand is high enough, I'll add in an International category for those who are in Canada and anywhere else that isn't the U.S. I just need your input on that. Also. There are alot of freebie offers that I will be adding but I was thinking about filling in the other categories first. If anyone wants the freebie category filled next, please let me know.

Within the next month or two, a referral site might be added to Money4Shop! I just need the input of everyone if you are interested and ideas on what gifts should be given out.


16-04-2007 21:22:58

March Payments were all sent out! Over $3,500 was paid out! For those who didn't get a chance to earn last month, complete your offers by April 30th at 1159pm EST to get paid on the 15th-20th of May and join all those who have gotten paid!

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17-04-2007 05:19:16

Thank you Money4shop. Seems there were some problems with publishers coming through on their end, but finally got payment.

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17-04-2007 05:39:24

Thanks! and congrats on your earnings!


26-04-2007 11:53:00

Hi, I just want to remind everyone that there are 4 days left this month. To received payment on the 15th-20th of next month you must complete any offers that you're interested in by the 30th at midnight EST. We're still holding a daily raffle and there has been winners everyday for the past week! Which is very exciting and if offers don't get reversed, we currently have about $8,500 in pending payments! So, if you haven't already, come checkout our offers!

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. Thanks.


01-05-2007 09:11:59

The month of April is over and we have about $12,000 in payouts! Not too bad considering it's our second month of being open.

Payouts will be going out on the 15th-20th of May.

For those who have not joined us yet, I recommend doing so and joining all those taking advantage of our high paying offers! and remember, everyday that you complete an offer, there's a chance that day that you'll be the winner of our daily raffle!

If anyone has any suggestions for us to better serve you, please let us know. Thanks.