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23-02-2007 11:19:32

This is the first thing I did as a newbie...

<2 weeks, had a fat $500 in my paypal

Highly recommend this site. Wish I new which one to do next.


23-02-2007 21:47:10

congrats but its just too hard too do of a site. too many requirements and pg3 is just insane.


23-02-2007 23:05:10

Yes page 3 was a booger...

but, where else can you go and get $500 DIY? And have it with in 2 wks?
Please let me know, I have two other friends I'm getting ready to introduce to this and they really need to be blessed with good luck.
A couple of souls that could use a break if you know what I mean.
Charity info welcomed.