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20-02-2007 19:11:12

We have recently launched our point site about 2 weeks back, everything is running smoothly and we encourage everyone to check us out at


and participate in our current promotion which is
PayPal payment within 24 hours.
Through February 21st if you order and choose a PayPal prize you will be paid within 24 hours on approved orders. We have over 240 offers with the highest payouts around, we also offer 10% referral bonus, so travel over to http//

Users who join by 2/21/07 will also be credited with 10 points free, that’s equivalent to $10 free cash in your account.

Express Gift Rewards

unknown uchiha

20-02-2007 19:54:54

How long does approval take? Minimum $$ to cashout?


20-02-2007 20:08:50

Approval is usually within 1-2 hours and cash out is based on prizes, currently there are $100, $250, and $500 PayPal prizes plus many other popular electronics and gift cards.

Express Gift Rewards

unknown uchiha

20-02-2007 20:41:20

Hmm sounds good. Do you guys do custom orders for Paypal? For example if I go for 100 points but end up getting like 120 points do I get the extra 20 points or not?


20-02-2007 20:47:23

Absolutely, when ordering just submit a support ticket requesting the withdraw of your entire account balance and you will be paid in full.

Express Gift Rewards


21-02-2007 05:44:54

Do you accept custom orders for under $100 items?


21-02-2007 06:53:51

Yes, however our current 10 point bonus would be excluded from prizes under $100.

Express Gift Rewards


21-02-2007 09:04:35

I joined your site. When do I get the 10 point bonus and how quickly do your offers credit?

unknown uchiha

21-02-2007 19:12:15

http/" alt=""/"463/2601/expressrewardsproofao3.png[" alt=""/img6888a90376]

HOLY SHIT. Paid RIGHT AWAY. I'm gonna continue doing this network. Support is BLAZING FAST.

However, crediting is kinda weird for a few offers. I'm waiting on like 80 points worth of offers to credit still for my next payout =/


21-02-2007 19:15:32

unknown uchiha, how many offers you have to do to get that 100 bucks?

unknown uchiha

21-02-2007 19:47:07

Like 4 or 5. Their payout is like YGF's Games site. PM me if you want to sign up under me, so I can get 10% =]


22-02-2007 13:25:12

how come admin changed the promo date to feb. 21? so the 24 hr. payment ended yesterday instead of end of feb.?


22-02-2007 16:33:25

so what's the payout schedule now?


22-02-2007 17:22:22

Well with all good things comes the bad, there was some fraud involved with this promotion so we have had to discontinue it early and fall back on our usual schedule which is 10 days for order/offer approval and 7-10 days for processing and payment. In light of the situation we have extended our free 10 points promotion on prizes through the 28th of February.



24-02-2007 20:55:36

Just a few questions, how do you receive the 10 extra points promo, and can I choose a different payout/gift more than once?


25-02-2007 11:01:29

Gah I was going to do this site then just read the 17 days to get paid ;/ I will just go back to


25-02-2007 12:00:13

[quote631c592fec="MyJobIsThis"]Gah I was going to do this site then just read the 17 days to get paid ;/ I will just go back to[/quote631c592fec]

It's better than most sites that pay only once a month and it has alot more offers than


27-02-2007 10:11:17

I was paid within a week!

http/" alt=""/"409/3154/sp3220070227131355rf8.jpg[" alt=""/img2eef280f94][=http//][img="2eef280f94]http/" alt=""/"409/3154/sp3220070227131355rf8.jpg[" alt=""/img2eef280f94][/url]


27-02-2007 13:08:05
Promotion For Today only 2/27, you will be credited with an additional 2 points for every offer you complete that has a value of 5 points or more. If you complete 10 offers then you have just earned an extra 20 points for your account. This is a great way to earn some free points - Please send a support ticket informing us you found this promotion on freeipodguide and your bonus points will be added the following day.



27-02-2007 15:42:00

I was paid in 3 days! Thanks!

http//[" alt=""/imga57be5342a]


28-02-2007 13:09:57

Promotion For Today only 2/27, you will be credited with an additional 2 points for every offer you complete that has a value of 5 points or more. If you complete 10 offers then you have just earned an extra 20 points for your account. This is a great way to earn some free points - Please send a support ticket informing us you found this promotion on freeipodguide and your bonus points will be added the following day.


I completed 3 offers on 2/27/07 that were not credited that same day.

Will these offers be eligible to have that 2 bonus points if they are credited a few days after? ?

BTW, I sent support ticket for the bonus points of the offers I completed yesterday. Please reply soon!


28-02-2007 20:53:10

quick question. are all these offers requiring a CC?


28-02-2007 22:03:25

The majority do however we have over 50 surveys and other smaller point offers in the 1-5 points that do not require a credit card.


07-03-2007 06:22:06

The highest paying DIY site ExpressGiftRewards PAID me in 3 days! this includes the $26 bonus i got from the promo on 2/27/07.

Now I'm going for a 2nd round, yay!

Is there anymore promotion for March? wink

http//[" alt=""/img34f045de0b]


07-03-2007 13:28:17

I just got my 19" Samsung LCD from Express Gift Rewards. Awesome!


07-03-2007 19:33:16

I was paid as well!

http/" alt=""/"410/664/sp3220070307223913kz0.jpg[" alt=""/img6798b8cca2][=http//][img="6798b8cca2]http/" alt=""/"410/664/sp3220070307223913kz0.jpg[" alt=""/img6798b8cca2][/url]


08-03-2007 06:10:19


this thread is for ExpressGiftRewards.
the payment that you posted was from CraftyCash.

[quotebd095c7796="evodriverdo"]I was paid as well!

http/" alt=""/"410/664/sp3220070307223913kz0.jpg[" alt=""/imgbd095c7796][=http//][img="bd095c7796]http/" alt=""/"410/664/sp3220070307223913kz0.jpg[" alt=""/imgbd095c7796][/url][/quotebd095c7796]


09-03-2007 12:42:12

Promotion for March 9th 2007.
Complete any offer and Receive 1 free bonus point
If you complete 10 offers then you have just earned an extra 10 points.
This promotion is valid on any offer on our site, even surveys!

Also, anyone you refer who signup and completes just 50 points will earn you an extra 10 points on top of the 10% you already receive for referrals.

Let us know if you have any questions, were here to help.

Express Gift Rewards


10-03-2007 06:37:37

why I can't find paypal prizes?
plz give a answer


12-03-2007 13:03:58

We have had a lot of fraudulent users signing up with false information, thus if we only supply prizes that are shipped this eliminates the problem. You can still receive PayPal payments if you verify your address with us. We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to answering any concerns you may have.


13-03-2007 14:57:54

FREE 5 Points!
Would you like 5 points for FREE?
Send us a support ticket requesting 5 points and they will be subtracted from your prize amount. It’s that simple, no strings attached.

Want an additional 5 Points Free?
Just complete one of our Featured Offers and the 5 point are yours.

Hurry and get your 10 points!
Promotion ends at 1159 PST 3/13/07


13-03-2007 16:36:08

you could've simply edited your last post....
read the announcement for future reference


13-03-2007 17:32:30

500 points are how many offers?


20-03-2007 00:43:24

UPDATE Through 3/25/07 we are offering $10 for anyone you refer who signs up and completes two of our featured offers! Refer 5 or more people who complete the requirements and we will pay you $15 each for your referrals. Payment for this promotion is separate from your account and will be paid via PayPal on 3/26/07. Image referring just 5 people and getting paid $75! Plus you still earn 10% of their points as always. Referrals must be unique and sign up through your referral link.

At then end of March the user with the most referrals will be rewarded with $100 through PayPal.

We have added the PayPal prizes back!
$50, $100, $250, or Custom

[b1893c651e6]Current Promotion[/b1893c651e6]
[i1893c651e6]PayPal in 24 Hours![/i1893c651e6] - Complete offers, order the PayPal prize, and get paid in 24 Hours. Ends Midnight 3/23/07.


26-03-2007 22:04:24

5 Points Free to whoever sends us a support ticket through their account by Tuesday 3/27 at midnight. Valid for existing and new members.

2 for Tuesday - Complete any offers of 5 points or higher on Tuesday 3/27 and we will credit you with an additional 2 points per offer you complete.


04-04-2007 18:02:18

We have just added 20 new offers, these are marked as Featured Offers. Anyone who completes any of our featured offers will earn an extra 2 points for each offer completed until Midnight 4/8/07

Also, anyone who posts on the forum proof of receiving your gift from us will earn 5 points on their account, just let us know where through a support ticket.

Express Gift Rewards


04-04-2007 20:33:16

Cool. sorry, a little late, but here's proof how awesome this site is!

http//[" alt=""/imgf5fb4508d1]


08-04-2007 10:37:09

Just signed up and am happy with it so far. Good job! Any word on how long the approval process is.

unknown uchiha

08-04-2007 14:09:18

Approval/Payment is within 24 hours. At least from my two payments it was.


18-04-2007 18:10:55

[be3dc3fabe7][ue3dc3fabe7]4/19/07[/ue3dc3fabe7][/be3dc3fabe7] We have just added 29 rock solid offers in place of taking down many of our 1 point survey offers that did not credit well. Between today and yesterday we have now added 40 great offers totaling over $600. Be sure to check them out as many are new $1.00 trials. As always, we are here to help, let us know of any questions or comments you may have.
[ue3dc3fabe7]NEW OFFERS[/ue3dc3fabe7]
Great Fun - 13 points - cost $1.00
FreeBidding - 15 points - cost $1.00
1 on 1 Psychics - 15 points - cost $1.00
Official Auctioneers - 15 points - cost $5.95
Psychic Realm - 15 points - cost $2.95
SavingSmart - 13 points - cost $1.00 - 24 points - cost $0.00
Vonage - 50 points - cost $varies
Your Music - 12 points - cost $6.99
12in1 - 14 points - cost $7.95
Body Fit Pro - 20 points - cost $4.95
Brazilian Slim - 16 points - cost $0.00
Celebrity Fit Club - 15 points - varies
Dermacia - 15 points - cost $0.00
eBay Pro Stores - 22 points - cost $0.00
Firming Peptide Eye Cream - 13 points - cost $8.95
FitMD - 14 points - cost $5.95
Globe Juvenile Insurance - 16 points - cost $1.00
Grant Consultant - 12 points - cost $4.97
Grant Search Assistant - 15 points - cost $4.97
Grant Search Provider - 12 points - cost $4.97
Grants Made Easy - 10 points - cost $1.97
Himalaya Green Tea - 15 points - cost $0.00
HoodiaMaxx - 14 points - cost $6.95
How to Make Money on eBay - 18 points - cost $7.95
Hydroderm - 13 points - cost $3.95
Interactive Diet Community - 8 points - cost $1.00
Lifescript Vitamins - 34 points - cost $varies
LipoBurn - 15 points - cost $6.95

We have added 11 new offers today. These offers can be found under our Featured Section.
[ue3dc3fabe7]NEW OFFERS[/ue3dc3fabe7]
Disney Movie Club (12)
Scholastic Dr. Seuss (12)
Cortitherm (14)
South Beach Diet
CleverClasp (10)
Carleton Sheets (50)
Bidz (22)
Biggest Looser Club (16)
Gmoney (17)
Ultima Smile (20)
Zovaset (15)

Promotion Any prize order placed between 4/18/07 and 4/21/07 will be credited with an extra $10 (valid on prizes of $100 or greater)


19-04-2007 14:27:43

http//[" alt=""/img167fd9404e]

What network pays out at 1 AM? D


19-04-2007 22:15:43

any promotions??


19-04-2007 22:23:09

Yes, with any order of $100 or more we will add in $10
This is good until 4/21/07


20-04-2007 16:44:03

[quote64a1831bc6="ExpressGiftRewards"]Yes, with any order of $100 or more we will add in $10
This is good until 4/21/07[/quote64a1831bc6]

do you still pay within 24 hours?


20-04-2007 23:18:57

Due to large amounts of fraudulent transactions we are now on a delayed schedule of 2-3 days for account verification and 1-2 days for payment but if we can verify your information accurate (such as your phone number matches the address you provide or you have PayPal ratings then we will pay usually within 1-2 days).


20-04-2007 23:46:31

[quote44959ad8e5="ExpressGiftRewards"]Due to large amounts of fraudulent transactions we are now on a delayed schedule of 2-3 days for account verification and 1-2 days for payment but if we can verify your information accurate (such as your phone number matches the address you provide or you have PayPal ratings then we will pay usually within 1-2 days).[/quote44959ad8e5]

I don't have a landline. I just use my cellphone. You can call me to verify it's me. Also, I have a verified Paypal account and I have a seller reputation (I don't know if that's what you mean by Paypal ratings).


22-04-2007 10:21:00

Yes your PayPal account with seller reputation will be fine.


22-04-2007 21:23:28

How does FREE points sound? Post here on this forum about your experience, comments, and suggestions regarding our site and support, and you will earn 6 points absolutly free through 4/25/07. Either sign your name to your post or send us a support ticket with your post name. Limit one bonus per member.



23-04-2007 08:52:55

Hey express,

I'm signing up right now for your site. It look great and the payouts seem to be quick. Look forward to both of us making some cash togehter.


23-04-2007 10:13:42

ExpressGiftRewards is a GREAT site! I have received 2 paypal payments from them for $100 each.

Their support is very good and very fast. Their payments are also fast. The payouts for each offer is very good. They have a lot of offers and keep adding new ones.

I would recommend this site to everyone. I'm currently working on my third payout.


23-04-2007 22:39:56

hey i just signed up, very fast crediting so far .... i am only like 1 more offer away from submitting my account for payout, support responded back asap from when i sent in a question

unknown uchiha

24-04-2007 03:59:13

EGR's been a good experience for me. They payout within HOURS (for the two times I've cashed out) and they've got competitive payouts with FAST customer support and great crediting.


24-04-2007 08:08:04

why is this stickied?


24-04-2007 08:12:07

[quotee28ad7d4c1="RolltheStampede"]why is this stickied?[/quotee28ad7d4c1]



24-04-2007 08:17:01

it seems they should post all the personal owned diy sites in a seperate forum, it clutters the other DIY sites up like nuitech brandaram, idel etc.


24-04-2007 22:25:37

We have added a few new offers today

Bankcard University
Cost $2.87 Payout 12 Points

Bob Greens Best Life Diet
Cost $0.00 Payout 14 Points

Elle Magazine
Cost $12 Payout 12 Points

Increase My Margins
Cost $0.00 Payout 15 Points

As always let us know if you have any questions, there is only 1 day left to earn your free 6 points by posting a comment about our site and services in this forum.


25-04-2007 05:49:07

Oh, I'm glad EGR got the sticky! (I voted for you D )

Anyway, I had a very good experience with you guys and I have recommended you to a lot of people. Fast payment, excellent support, fast crediting, and higher payout rates than other DIY sites, and of course, the BONUSES, I think you got everything all up in your sleeves! I'm a happy camper D


25-04-2007 07:56:53

my account is approved, just waiting for paypal now


26-04-2007 13:56:56

once i have ordered a paypal payment.. when will i be asked for paypal information.. or is there something else i must do??


26-04-2007 14:44:46

they'll send it to the address that you used to register with the site. so that means if your paypal address is different from the one you use for ExpressGiftRewards, you probably should send a support ticket with your paypal address.


27-04-2007 00:58:03

How does even more free points sound? Complete just two offers between 4/27 through 4/29 and get an additional 10 points free! Regardless if the offer is 1 point of 20 points, complete just 2 and the 10 points are yours. Points will be added on 5/4 or send us a support message for faster crediting.
As noted in our support area, we will be closed Friday 4/27 through Sunday 4/29, any questions or orders will be responded/processed first thing Monday . As always, post proof of your payment on this board and an additional 5 points are yours, just send us a message once posted.

Let us know if we can be of further help,


30-04-2007 20:28:14

I received my third payment from EGR today, within hours of placing my order. I think I love this site!

http//[" alt=""/imge3e2f4ae81]


14-05-2007 17:51:15

We have just updated our huge offer selection and have added many new offers along with bringing back some rock solid offers everyone loves, in all we have added 43 offers today.

We also realized its been awhile since we gave away free points for absolutely no reason other than to show our appreciation to our members, so any user who would like 5 free points just send us message from your account and the 5 points are yours.

Double your free points!! Complete just one offer valued at 15 points or above and we will throw in an extra 5 points so in total you have a chance to earn 10 bonus points now through May 17th 2007. Limit one bonus of 10 points per user.

Here are the offers we have added today, 5/14/07

Actpril - Payout $18.00 Cost $8.95
Auction Money Kit - Payout $16.00 Cost $1.97
Bankcard University - Payout $14.00 Cost $2.87
Bargain Network Homes - Payout $10.00 Cost Free
Beautiful Skin - Payout $19.00 Cost $4.95
Belisi Scarves - Payout $15.00 Cost $16.95
Belisi Ties - Payout $15.00 Cost $16.95
Body Fitness Pro - Payout $20.00 Cost $8.95
Brazilian Slim - Payout $16.00 Cost $8.95
Bruce Berman - Payout $13.00 Cost $3.95
CellaDerm Acne - Payout $20.00 Cost $8.95
CellaDerm Anti-Wrinkle - Payout $20.00 Cost $8.95
CellaDerm Self Tanning - Payout $20.00 Cost $8.95
Daily Restore - Payout $16.00 Cost $8.95
Essential Living - Sleep Rite - Payout $15.00 Cost $5.95
Essential Living - Weight Loss - Payout $15.00 Cost $5.95
Fast Auction Profit - Payout $11.00 Cost $1.97
Gottaplay - Payout $15.00 Cost $1.00
Grant Mentor - Payout $15.00 Cost $1.99
Grant Search Assistant - Payout $15.00 Cost $4.97
Hoodia XPF - Payout $11.00 Cost $6.95
Increase My Margins - Payout $19.00 Cost $4.95
InstaTrim - Payout $11.00 Cost $6.95
Interactive Diet Community - Payout $8.00 Cost $1.00
John Alexander - Payout $36.00 Cost $39.95
Mvelopes - Payout $7.00 Cost Free
Overnight Genious - Payout $24.00 Cost $4.95
People PC - Payout $30.00 Cost Varies
Privacy Matters Identity - Payout $15.00 Cost $1.00
Real Estate Riches - Payout $15.00 Cost $2.97
Scholastic Phonics - Payout $15.00 Cost $13.94
Stop Smoking 180 - Payout $16.00 Cost $3.95
The Amazon Diet - Payout $20.00 Cost $4.47
The Lotter - Payout $28.00 Cost $50.00
The Scrapbook Club - Payout $15.00 Cost $9.95
Trimday - Payout $15.00 Cost $5.95
Trimlife - Payout $18.00 Cost $8.95
UnbelievableMe Wrinkle Reducer - Payout $16.00 Cost $6.95
ValueMax - Payout $13.00 Cost $1.00
Viatrex - Payout $15.00 Cost $6.95
Viatril - Payout $15.00 Cost $6.95
Winning in the Cash Flow - Payout $64.00 Cost $97.00
Zoeta - Payout $16.00 Cost Free

As always, let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

Best Regards,


17-05-2007 08:55:34

What happened to the Paypal 100, 250 dollars?


17-05-2007 09:49:56

ill do this someone PM me their ref link


17-05-2007 14:16:19

I'm loving the free points D Thanks!

...and Ready2GetPaid, I PM'ed you my ref link, if no one hasn't given you one D


24-05-2007 00:26:02

this site is scammer.........................


24-05-2007 11:56:58

User, please be more specific as to why you feel our services is a scam. We have countless satisfied customers on this board any not one complaint. We look forward to hearing your comments and resolving any issues you may have with our services.



25-05-2007 00:39:59

A few new offers have been added

Bargain Autos - 11 points
Dermatrin - 15 points
Emortgage Finder - 12 points
Permaslim Weight Loss - 20 points
WorldWinner - 20 points
PosterPass is back - 15 points
Online Credit Notice - 15 points - 15 points
Rhapsody Book Club - 12 points
Heat Guardian - 27 points

Let us know if you have any questions


27-05-2007 19:31:56

why the fuck would someone throw out a statement like that with no explaination.... ugh


27-05-2007 23:22:06

It really makes no sense, we have not had anyone complain other than the occasional non-crediting offer so it was a surprise to see such a remark on our thread. Well what is said is said, for those who do enjoy our service just let us know on this thread and 10 Free Points are yours. We are giving out such a high amount just to prove that we are in fact legitimate, honest, and dedicated to our users. Just post here and let us know from your account section and we will credit your account with 10 Free Points.

Thanks to all our wonderful users who make our site what it is.



28-05-2007 21:17:48

After the good reviews I'm going to signup. )

Anyone have a referral link?


30-05-2007 16:32:10

This site is very user friendly and has MANY offers, GREAT SITE. Whoever says this site is a ripoff is a fool!

liI don't know what information you need for the 10 points, my ref number is 672li


31-05-2007 10:01:14

How can you call this a scammer site? This is a wonderful site! I have already received $250 from them. They pay VERY fast! They give away more free points than any other site. They have a large number of offers that pay very well. They have excellent customer service. What else could you want from a site?


01-06-2007 12:10:52

We have added some new offers today,

PriceStore - 12 points
Bargain Network Autos - 12 points
Bargain Network Homes - 12 points
HUDHomesNow - 12 points
eBay Cash Machine - 15 points
Woodworkers Book Club - 15 points
Ultima Patch - 18 points
The Mystery Guild - 12 points
The Good Cook - 12 points
Simply Audio Books - 15 points
Run My Free American Credit Report - 12 points
Run My Credit Report - 12 points
NASCAR Members Club - 14 points
2-Day Slimdown - 20 points

We will be closed from June 2nd through June 7th, we will review all orders and questions June 8th. We are hear until 9pm PST today for any last minute questions before our leave.

Thank you to all our devoted users, remember if you post a comment explaining what sets us apart from the other sites, you will earn 10 points.


01-06-2007 13:02:01

I'm having some crediting issues, I haven't got any credits yet. This site has great customer service, I was just wondering if anyone might know why I'm not seeing the 'instant' credits going on there instantly? Thanks!


02-06-2007 19:18:46

Hey, I did Realty Store on May 1st and didn't get credit. I filed a missing credit request on May 11th, and still haven't heard anything about it. They charged my credit card, I tried the offer, I even sent you the confirmation email with the headers. Does it not credit for anyone?

I usually would just write it off but its 23 points and I'd like to get credit for some offers before I try more. I had a bad experience with another site where the owner didn't credit on MCRs and then didn't pay for offers we completed properly. Now I can't do that offer any more, although I paid for it, tried it etc.


08-06-2007 23:55:22

Hello, it usually takes about 20 days for RealtyStore to credit manually. Send us a support ticket from your account and we will look into it because it should have credited by now.



11-06-2007 06:15:46

Wow! I got manual credit on Realty Store already. ExpressGiftReward asked me to send a support ticket on the 8th, and I got my credit on the 9th.

http//[" alt=""/imgb2a8ba4450]

Now if that's not great customer support, I don't know what is.

This kinda customer support is what sets ExpressGiftRewards apart from the other sites. Everyone knows ExpressGiftRewards pays fast; that's the #1 reason that attracts people to the site. Another reason is their customer service which is second to none. Thank you, ExpressGiftRewards. D


11-06-2007 07:56:48

[quote80f704c19e="yingyang"]This kinda customer support is what sets ExpressGiftRewards apart from the other sites. Everyone knows ExpressGiftRewards pays fast; that's the #1 reason that attracts people to the site. Another reason is their customer service which is second to none. Thank you, ExpressGiftRewards. D[/quote80f704c19e]

Exactly! Thanks, ExpressGiftRewards!


11-06-2007 15:19:02

I want to sign up, is there any new promotions before i do or when will there be. thanks. )


13-06-2007 12:12:32

As of now we are busy working on updating offers, orders, and questions since we got behind with our week vacation so we do not have any promotions planned at the moment; however, if you sign up and post on this thread what you like about our site you will earn 10 points free.

We might have a promotion next week; however, we first need to get through our current work.

Thank you for your interest


14-06-2007 18:45:30

Good News
We have removed all dead offers from our site and have replaced them with a few new offers and many older offers that are now available again.

Bad News
Due to the increase in fraud we have pulled all PayPal prizes from our site for the time being. All orders are currently delayed 1-2 weeks while our advertisers report back fraudulent leads. Until the fraud decreases we will only be sending our physical prizes and gift cards through the mail.

Thank you for your understanding during this time



20-06-2007 17:50:28

We have added a few offers,

1on1 Psychics -9 points
Driving4Dollars -12 points
Gevalia -12 points
Café Vivo -14 points
Book of the Month Club -12 points
Yes Weight Loss -19 points

We are trying to obtain more offers; however, until the industry picks up it may be some time before we truly see new offers and old offers returning.

On a good note Our PayPal prizes are back, orders have been processed and FREE POINTS!
1. For each offer you complete you will earn an extra 2 points, complete 5 offers and you will have earned an extra 10 points to enjoy. Valid through June 23rd 2007.

2. Also, any orders placed through June 23rd 2007 will receive and extra $7.00 bonus plus the option to have your remaining account balance included with the order!

So lets recap, 2 free points for each offer completed, $7.00 added to your order, plus the option to have your remaining balance included with your order. Wow, this is going to be a great couple of days. Enjoy!

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding your account or any suggestions/ comments you would like to make.

Best Regards,


21-06-2007 18:08:03

http//[" alt=""/img8b1792e006]

I had already placed an order for $50 paypal when I noticed the $7 promotion. I sent in a support ticket asking if I could have that added to my order, and lo and behold, it was. What other site lets you do that? I placed the order yesterday, sent him a support ticket this morning, and I had the money in my paypal this afternoon. Can you say FAST?

Thank you, ExpressGiftRewards. You have by far THE best customer service out there.


25-06-2007 22:29:23

We have added some new and old offers today

Carleton Sheets – 15 points
Vonage – 48 points
People PC – 22 points
Google Live – 12points
At Home Rewards – 14 points
Miracle Burn – 17 points
PetCare RX – 13 points
Shopping4Money – 14 points
Sleep Rite – 16 points – 56 points
Rapid Cash Summer Vacation – 7 points
Auto Loan Marketplace – 2 points – 2 points – 2 points
Esurance – 2 points – 3 points – 9 points

Need 5 Extra Points added to your account? Just let us know and their yours if you complete just one offer between now and June 28th 2007.

Have a great day


30-06-2007 12:41:28

I received $107 total from Expressgiftrewards. Check it out at http//

I LOVE this site!


11-07-2007 17:52:41

you say that there are free offers you can come i dont see any?


12-07-2007 21:49:51

Due to crediting issues we have removed most free offers (between 1-3 points). Too many members were not receiving credit for the survey offers so we pulled them from the site.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



12-07-2007 21:59:33

The time has come... New offers, returning offers, and payouts increased.
Plus Free Points! (see below)

Here is the list
[b897da5a473]New Offers[/b897da5a473]
2007 Entertainment Book - 11 points
Ringtone Shelf - 8 points
ClickN' Read Phonics - 12 points
BioTrainer Weight Loss - 16 points
EndureRX - 13 points
Players Vacation Club - 14 points
My Survey Rewards - 18 points
Survey Scout - 17 points
Flycell - 11 points
Survey Annex - 16 points

[b897da5a473]Returning Offers[/b897da5a473]
Price Store - 14 points - 26 points
Ebay Sucess Kit - 24 points
Ultima Weight Loss - 21 points
Ultima Smile - 22 points
Zoeta - 22 points - 14 points
HUD Homes Now - 14 points

[b897da5a473]Offers with Payouts Raised[/b897da5a473]
At Home Rewards - 16 points
Privacy Matters - 16 points
Today's Escapes - 16 points
Passport to Fun - 16 points
MusicETC - 14 points
The Literary Guild - 16 points
Childrens Book Club - 16 points
The Good Cook Club - 16 points
Cafe Vivo - 19 points

[b897da5a473]Free Points[/b897da5a473]
For any order placed between July 12th 2007 and July 15th 2007 we are adding $10 to the order.

More free points... Can't make the deadline in time? No problem. We want everyone to have free points. For those who complete at least one offer by July 15th 2007 will earn 5 free points.

So if you complete one offer and also place your order by July 15th you have the chance to score an extra $15 absolutely free.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments



16-07-2007 20:09:20

A few new offers have been added
zooba - 16 points
Gottaplay - 13 points
Grant Funding Source - 12 points
RisingStar - 14 points
Cruising4Cash - 8 points
Driving4Dollars - 8 points
Robert Allen - 14 points

Through July 20th, with any order placed you will have the option of cashing out your entire account, so if you place an order for $100 and you have $133 in your account you can request the entire account balance to be included with your order.

Best Regards,


28-07-2007 20:56:12

i was going to do some more offers. any new promotions?


04-08-2007 00:26:30

Hey wats sup. Anyways I barely found out the fuzz about these things and ask what are the requirements? And how long do mail gift take? Anyways I see your site is pretty great as all the comments prove. Thanks.


22-08-2007 19:38:30

It’s entirely our fault! We have gone to long without giving out our traditional free points so here they are but first check out the list of 30 new and returning offers.

20 Minute Facelift
Bargain Network Homes
Biggest Looser Club
Complete Home
Entertainment Weekly
Online Psychic
Registry Defender
Shopper Discounts and Rewards
Simple Start Business Kit
Unlimited iPOD Download Center
Ivory Teeth Whitening
Life Lock
Mobile Panel
Shaq's Big Family Challenge
Tickle IQ Test
Video Professor

liliWe have also gone through and raised the payouts on some of the offerslili

Now for the free points, any order placed through August 31st will receive an extra $10 bonus for free. But here is where it gets good, the $10 bonus is yours the day you place your order. You will not have to wait for your order to be verified and fulfilled to get your $10 bonus. Just place your order, send us a friendly message asking for your bonus and we will send you your free $10 via PayPal the same day.

If you have any questions or comments please let us know.

Best Regards,


07-09-2007 08:02:12

anything for this month )


05-10-2007 17:04:52 Update 10-5-07

We have removed all dead offers and added 15 new offers and increased the payout on some of the older offers as well.

We have added a special offer “Free Points”, Just click on the offer and we will manually add 5 Free Points to your account, it’s that simple. (limit one free offer credit per account).

HUGE PROMOTION Friday 10/5 thru Saturday 10/6

Receive 50% of your order prize instantly (if choosing a PayPal prize).
Valid Friday and Saturday only, any order placed between the time frame will be fulfilled 50% that day and the remaining 50% will be sent according to our payment schedule (1-2 weeks).

Example Place an order for $100, by the close of the day the order was placed we will send you $50 of your order and the remaining $50 will be sent within (1-2 weeks).

Requirements for this promotion You must have a valid verified PayPal account and your phone number must be verified (a very simply step as explained below)
Phone verification Once you place your order our automated call system will call
the phone number listed on your account, when answered a 4 digit number will be
heard. Submit a support ticket with this number and your all set for payment.

We are hear to help
Please let us know of any questions or comments you may have.


18-10-2007 17:09:02

A few new and old offers returning

The Good Cook
Nicotine Cure
Meet Me Now
Hear Me

We will be adding plenty more new offers over the weekend, this is just the start.

Free Points Would you like some free points? Send us a message from your account and we will add 5 points to your account for free.

More Free Points How about an extra 8 points added to your 5 above, sure, but here is the deal - if you choose to take the 13 points in total you must use them towards an order by 10/22/07 or they will disappear from your account (both the 5 + 8 ). So you can take the 5 points which do not expire or play it risky and take the 13 if you think you can use them by 10/22/07, either way just send us a message and we will add them to your account.

Best regards to all.
Have a safe weekend



30-11-2007 15:04:42

Any new promotions guys?


22-12-2007 21:34:36

lookin' forward to some new offers to jump on this site! Pretty cool to see a startup grow! =) Someday I hope to say, yeah, I did an offer on there back in the day ;)


20-01-2008 19:26:16

27 Hot new offers added
15 Offers payout rates have been raised

Free 8 points to those who would like them, just send in a ticket.

We are working up a crazy promotion so check back early next week.



20-01-2008 19:48:32

Here is my ref link



21-01-2008 22:57:15

Payments within 24 Hours of order - 2 days only

We are issuing payments within 24 hours of your order when it is placed on January 22nd or 23rd.

Simply complete your offers, submit your order, and check your PayPal account 24 hours later and your prize will be there.

Of course there are conditions Your account must be verified through our automated phone system for payment to be released within 24 hours.

Best Regards,


03-03-2008 16:50:28

We have just added many new exciting prizes to the list and increased the payout on alot of our offers plus new offers have been added.

Promotion Any offers completed between March 3rd and March 7th will earn an extra 2 point for each offer completed that has a point value of 15 or higher.

Also, send us a message and let us know you want your payment instantly and its yours by the end of that day (valid March 3rd to March 7th).

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments