simplyfreerewards not crediting and no support?

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20-02-2007 11:39:17


5 days ago I completed the hostgator offer through and was not credited. The next day, I sent an email asking for support (they have no manual request form) and included the confirm email with full headers. I still havent gotten credit and the owner hasn't even responded to my email. Anybody have any luck with reaching admin on their site lately?


20-02-2007 13:34:53

bryan has kinda vanished as far as I can tell. he's not really on the forums anymore (this or any other one that I frequent)


20-02-2007 13:58:19

He has a new child, that's why he isn't very active. As for your credit, HostGator takes a month to credit sometimes, all offers also credit automatically, he doesn't have to credit offers. You can't submit a manual credit request after 5 days either, so just be patient and he'll respond.


21-02-2007 12:11:36

Im here, gifts.simplyfree will be revamped shortly, sorry for the delay of some credits. Im working on a new support system to get things moving more smoothly. I apologize and can assure everyone things will be better shortly.



22-03-2007 21:15:13

So. . . . WHEN is "shortly"???

I'm still waiting on an order place on 1/29/07!


24-03-2007 16:47:26

I got my order paid a few days ago from 1/24/07 but had to send in a support ticket.


24-03-2007 17:44:46

[quote16852df052="BigBoy"]I got my order paid a few days ago from 1/24/07 but had to send in a support ticket.[/quote16852df052]

That's encouraging! I did already submit a support ticket, though.


06-04-2007 08:07:06

Has anyone received anything from this site or had a support ticket answered lately?


11-04-2007 02:36:17

I've had a cashout pending since mid February at gifts.simplyfreerewards and I'm receiving no answers to my questions about what's wrong at the support.

Pleae reply here, anyone, that knows what's going on because I dont & have $70 dollars currently that I'm not being paid.


16-04-2007 12:58:08

I am also waiting for credit so I can cash out & my support ticket has not been answered. The no credit form is not working properly either.