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15-02-2007 14:12:59

After wanting to do so for probably a year I have finally opened my own freebie network. It's called Somethin 4 Nothin and it's at somethin4nothin.com

One of the six sites on the network is Points.Somethin4Nothin.com
I think you will find we have very high payouts. I compared my payouts to two of the most popular points sites and on average i beat them by $1-$2. not a lot but it adds up. can't promise that i beat them everytime, but if i recall correctly i at least tied them on every offer i checked.
all of our prizes are available from Points (60+).

We will have a monthly contest as well which should be a lot of fun. For more info on that please refer to my other thread

Let me know if you have any comments or questions. You can email= me at email=support@somethin4nothin.comsupport@somethin4nothin.com me at email=support@somethin4nothin.comsupport@somethin4nothin.com/email and I am often available by AIM at S4NJeremy.


15-02-2007 15:12:36

Apple iMac Desktop with 17-inch Display
(1225 Points)

I assume you mean 12250 points...


15-02-2007 15:18:24

ah, thanks for pointing that out )