ConsumerGain: Simply You offer on Page 3?

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13-02-2007 19:00:23

Hey all...did anyone else happen to catch the Simply You Rewards Club on Page 3 @ Consumer Gain? It was there for a few hours on 02/07...and I was able to complete the offer before they took it down...but now (of course) they claim it was never on Page 3 and refuse to give me credit. Let me know!


13-02-2007 19:14:15

you should of took a screenshot or something


13-02-2007 19:34:10

i sent my vouchers today how long they take to send the check and FreeOffersNow i feel your pain i started in sept. and waited 3 month's for them to add Vonage to page 3


13-02-2007 22:34:48

[quote89ccf28930="bruman"]you should of took a screenshot or something[/quote89ccf28930]

Not saying I did...

...not saying I didn't

[ never know who's reading ;) ]