Valentine's Day Promotion

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02-02-2007 08:54:09

Hi everyone,

I started http//[]http// a couple months ago and it has been doing fairly well, thanks in large part to the users here at FIPG. I had originally planned to do a New Years promotion but I found little time to do it, so I have decided to put on a Valentine's Day promotion!

The following offers, related to girls wink will receive normal credit + 30% extra credit!
2-Day Slimdown
$1 Cosmetique Beauty Club
Beautiful skin trial
Todays Escapes 8)

As an added bonus D for tax day cry Im also offering 30% extra credit on the following debt related offers
Debtstruction No CC
Free Debt Consolidation
LifeLine Debt Solutions
Zero Debt Central Survey

And on top of all of this !
Each "What She Has to Say" Survey will receive triple credit!!

As a last bonus idea Anyone receiving 2500 or more points will receive a complimentary Hickory Farms gift basket, sent to your house, or to your Valentine's roll

Any questions or comments, feel free to PM me, post here, or talk on AIM tt9035768