IFreeCash-Complete the site NOW and Get Paid on the 15th Feb

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30-01-2007 03:31:59

As our payout schedule is every two weeks... Means
Complete the site between the 1st-15th and get paid in the end of the month!
Complete the site between the 16th-30th and get paid on the 15th next month!!!

So were almost finished the first month in 2007 - January. So I just wanted to let everyone know that if you want, you can complete the site today / tomorrow and recieve the money within the 15th Feb!

with our high points value... its very easy to complete the site and get paid real soon! -)

Have a great day !
IFreeCash.Net[=http//ifreecash.net]IFreeCash.Net D wink


31-01-2007 16:46:13

when are u paying? today is the 31st payday!


03-02-2007 21:23:02

Payouts went out. next payday is the feb 15th ... and look at the payout schedule.


11-02-2007 12:46:32

payout going out soon!


25-02-2007 16:27:39

Whens the next payout if I do it now? Every 15 days would be nice.


28-02-2007 10:33:23

Sure thing.. Copmlete now and aim me... id get you paid VERY fast )