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28-01-2007 11:43:39 is an awesome website. I saw that there wasn't a thread for it, so I decided to make one. P It's very similar to ipod sweepstakes. You build up points for prizes. There's no referrals required and alot of the offers are free. I haven't gotten anything from them because I'm saving my points, but I know people who have. They also have poker tournaments and the winner gets 1000 points. The prizes they offer are ipods, poker supplies, dvds, video games, video game systems, etc. Since I posted this, it would be nice if you could use my referral link since I get a 5% bonus. PM me or email me ( if you want it. Enjoy )

edit This might have already been posted, I'm sorry if it was! When I searched for it nothing came up.


28-01-2007 16:47:16

wow that is an interesting twist to the whole freebie scene and gambling.


10-02-2007 19:59:56

For the three people who asked for my refferal link, thanks!


10-02-2007 20:37:32

I also rec'd checking out if this is something your interested in.

You create account with their referral ID
in 2-3 days you contact PSO and then THEY deposit $50 into your Absolut Poker Account
Theres another $50 bonus if you get 100 poker points.

I think they give out poker chips/tables if you refer enough people - so feel free to e-mail or PM if you want to use my link)

the only big rule they have is you can't withdraw the $50 until you hit 100 poker points. if you go bust, no worries.


20-02-2007 22:51:39

On poker-prizes, I was recently accused of offer fraud on 5 offers after I had already ordered a prize and I am told "probably due to credit cards getting declined and falsifying an IP address." I don't know how to falsify an IP address, but I sent in confirmation emails for all 8 of my offers along with a credit card statement showing payments. Hopin' for a good reply....