New DIY site with free NO CC offers! Get Ipods, Wii, etc

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27-01-2007 18:07:43

I just found a brand new site that has not yet been introduced to the FIPG forumns. It has about 95% offers that don't require credit cards, and... its a point based site! By filling out a couple of surveys, you could in turn end up earning enough points for an iPod nano. No Referals needed!

If you do refer people, you get 5% of the points they earn =]

If anyone is interested, I'll be giving out the link with my referal. Not going pay anything since it's a Do it yourself site, but you should at least check the site out. I'm already 3/4 way to my $300 free iPod =]

Please post here if you are interested, or send me a PM. I will be giving out the site tonight 9 pm CST.


27-01-2007 18:13:36

I'll try. PM me


27-01-2007 18:22:43



27-01-2007 18:31:27

you can still PM me to get my referal link =] any 5% will help. I give +karma! =]

Also, the link is in my Aim profile