Does anyone offer 1 offer/ $100 gift cards anymore?

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18-01-2007 00:03:06

I searched the forum and didnt find much, but i did read that everyfreegift used to offer a $100 visa for 1 simple offer...
are there any other sites like this right now? i'd even be interested in a 2 offer, $150 gc if thats what's around.
i'd prefer a fast site, but obviously beggars can't be choosers.

thanks in advance to whoever can post a link or PM me )

EDIT i just read how we arent allowed to make threads that request certain gifts. why is that? i actually put the time into searching the forum, using google & yahoo, and have still come up empty handed. it seems like this is the only place where i might find out, so why would this be prohibited? isn't that the specific purpose of this forum?