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16-01-2007 21:02:06

I was just about to start this site, and was wondering if you guys had any feedback? I searched, but the only posts are from a long time ago and are from another site from this network. The site I want to do is for the $250 visa gift card. Has anyone done it yet?


16-01-2007 23:22:14

I did one of there sites recently.. It was a 4 offer site. I did all of them, and they all greened 10 days later. Printed off my certs and am going to mail it out sometime this week.

No complaints at all so far. I hear they are really slow with shipping, though.


16-01-2007 23:49:27 prepared to wait 3-4 months for your gift. ?


17-01-2007 02:34:28


for a teo 700wx. they screwed up on some of my offer crediting and I had to call back over 10 times till they finally fixed it. thennnn i had to wait forever but i got the gift

and there support sucks very nice people but nothing gets accomplished


17-01-2007 04:54:10

I started yourtopbrands 2 days ago for $500 3 offers AMEX card. Still waiting for the offers to credit.