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16-01-2007 14:53:33

Ok don't laugh at me if this question is really stupid. I just did the $100 VisaŽ Gift Card offer. Now when I goto check the status offers page 1 and 2 both say completed and 3 does not. Does this mean that those offers are verified?

Also for #3 I did the NYtimes offer, but they don't ship to my house. So I signed up for the online trial. Do you think that it will still get credited? Also, do tier 3 offers take a lot longer to be credited? Thanks

editoh yeah it was a nationalsurveypanel site.

unknown uchiha

16-01-2007 16:25:58

What?! Are you admitting to offer fraud? Somebody link this man to the sidekick 3 guy who got banned for this.


16-01-2007 16:28:01

No. What I am saying is that if I decide that I do not like the offer, and do not wish to continue with it, is it safe to cancel without having to do another offer?

unknown uchiha

16-01-2007 18:00:45

Regardless, we aren't allowed to discuss cancellation. What you're doing can result in getting DQed. You haven't even bothered to try out your offers. Topic closed.


16-01-2007 18:04:06

[quotee86799a839="unknown uchiha"]Topic closed.[/quotee86799a839]

You're not a mod, buddy.


16-01-2007 18:15:50

reworded my original post for unknown uchiha.