How long does it take for verification from Nuitech for $2k

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15-01-2007 01:59:21

I've just completed 19 offers for the $2k from nuitech. It says that I'm on my way to the final step and that I will receive information from them soon and that they might need my credit statements and email confirmations etc....

I already sent 4 of them in that weren't credited so I assume these went through. How much longer will it take?


15-01-2007 04:04:38

i wish i could help you .. S

unknown uchiha

16-01-2007 20:56:16

1-2 weeks. Mine took a week for $500


16-01-2007 23:52:12

thanks. I have just been approved and am going to get the form notarized tomorrow


17-01-2007 02:28:07

how long does it take from them making a shipping request to recieved?